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When Lydia Yarlott arrived at a large London hospital for her first day as a junior doctor she was ‘stunned’ to be added to a WhatsApp group. ‘That’s literally how you organise tasks, how you manage workflow and how you communicate,’ she marvels. Bearing in mind that the app is anything but secure, and that Snapchat, too, is being used to exchange patient scans, it’s hard not to be very concerned by the state of clinical communication. Instead of waiting for the powers that be to fix the broken system, Lydia, her...


For people who wear contact lenses, caring for them should be just as important as caring for your body, any other aspect of your health, and your home. Below are five tips to guide you for contact lens care, and several websites to assist you as well. Following these steps will allow you to keep on top of your eye care so you can purchase contact lenses online with ease. Kierstan Boyd says that the...

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