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Manuela Willbold writes for and manages the UK Education Blog, providing food for thought about anything to do with education and digital learning. She is also a content strategist and blogger for ClickDo and shares her SEO knowledge in her online course on Udemy.

Have you ever wondered what makes people choose a dentist or orthodontist when they are spoiled for choice like in London? No, it’s not the lowest price or the closest proximity. Most people search for a quick solution on their smartphone as Google, the biggest search engine worldwide, reveals. And one in twenty searches for health-related information online. What does this mean? Simply put, if you want to be found by people on search engines,...


Learning should always be positive and fruitful and when it comes to educating your children, it is even more important. We cannot deny the fact that today’s children spend more than the required time on screen. Despite the valiant efforts of the parents to keep them away from mobile phones and other electronic gadgets, they are always fascinated by them. Schools are also handing over iPads and such devices for learning and thus, the craze...

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