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We’re all familiar with the fire safety drill, from regular practice runs at school all the way through to adult working life. An alarm is sounded, signalling the urgent evacuation of every person in the building – in an orderly fashion – only to stand at the designated meeting point where the fire marshals in their high-visibility vests, clipboards in hand, attempt to ascertain whether everyone has made it out of the building – preferably in...


Patient healthcare has come a long way since inception and has gradually transitioned into value-based care. Patient Healthcare Experience (PHE) is a complex terminology related to patient satisfaction. An enhanced focus on PHE primarily drives a perception of better results, educates the patient on the requisite treatment route and inculcates the path of adherence. Certainly there is a clear-cut roadmap that aids the healthcare experience and delivers ‘patient delight’. Understanding and estimating the healthcare experience...


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