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Medical practices and private hospitals have previously been known to have difficult patient portal solutions, typically featuring a limited number of features. With antiquated user interfaces, there was plenty of room for error and miscommunication in the past, but not anymore, which is great news for both medical practitioners and patients alike. 

Introducing the Bridge Patient Portal, a modernized easy-to-use patient portal system that improves patient engagement and their overall experience!  

The Bridge Patient Portal has been designed to make life easier for all parties and also consolidate numerous systems to drastically reduce costs, and improve patient and physician relationships, making it an all-in-one mobile-friendly solution that improves patient outcomes.

Signing up is easy. Patients have two options. They can either sign up at their medical practice, which will allow the patient to ask for help if necessary or they have the freedom to register alone in their own time, without the assistance of an office staff member.

Dubbed as the ultimate patient engagement solution, patients will have more reliable information on hand in a timely manner in the form of SMS messages, emails, and push notifications. Remembering appointments and receiving check up reminders has never been easier, which ultimately helps people take better control of their health. It also allows patients to reply to or send emails if they have questions or need clarification. 

What’s more, patient checkups and appointments are recorded, and patients will be able to access their basic medical information in the push of a button instead of having to wait for medical practices to collate information and send it. The patient will have the ability to access lab reports, medication history, previous checkups, and any prior and existing medical conditions securely on his or her mobile device. Having access to such information can help the patient in many ways, which includes accessing medical information in an emergency while traveling abroad and filling out their medical history on health and car insurance forms. 

Not only does the portal have a record of everything the patient has ever been prescribed and is currently taking, it also offers the option of requesting prescription refills online that the physician can see to quickly, without the patient even having to step foot into the center, therefore reducing time and lowering the risk of the patient receiving their medications late.   

As well as this, patients will no longer have to call their practice to make an appointment, as Bridge Patient Portal allows them to request and even self-schedule their appointments online, saving a lot of time and stress. If this is not enough, the portal also has an option where the patient can check-in, which again reduces waiting time in lines and allows them to be seen to quicker.

Another feature that is beneficial is the patient bill pay option that allows patients to easily pay for any treatment they have received, thus reducing waiting time.

With a mobile-friendly interface, Bridge Patient Portal is easy to use, which will reassure elderly patients and people unfamiliar with online applications. And with the two-step authentication process and SMS-based username and password reset requests, the patients can rest assured knowing that their private medical information and history is safe. The system is also inclusive when it comes to patients whose first language is not English thanks to the multilingual language support available. 

Working on both iOS and Android devices any patient can benefit from the Bridge Patient Portal as long as they have a smart phone. In today’s busy world, fewer people have the time and energy to waste going back and forth to medical centers, but the good news is these days are now gone, because patient engagement is really the number one focus.

This article has been sponsored by Bridge Patient Portal

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