Maybe you noticed from the About Us page that our mission at Digital Health Buzz! is to have you get noticed amongst the healthcare community. We would like you to focus on what you know best and like, and leave the exposure and engagement tasks on us!

Here are some ways through which we can gain you more exposure and engagement:

  • Send us your guest post and have it published on the same day!
  • Adding an ad banner that will show up on the front page
  • Adding an ad banner on the top of a blog post of your choice, and promoting this blog post 3 times/week with our 1650+ Twitter followers
  • Adding an ad banner in the middle of a blog post of you choice, and promoting this blog post 3 times/week with our 1640+ Twitter followers
  • Hosting your content (i.e. articles, podcasts, infographics, Press Releases, …etc) on a dedicated page on our website, and add it as one of our main menus at the top of our website, where you can choose the name you like for that menu item (i.e. your product). Included in this offer is sharing any new content with our Twitter followers!

For more information, please feel free to contact us at [email protected], and we can take it from there.


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