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We’re all familiar with the fire safety drill, from regular practice runs at school all the way through to adult working life. An alarm is sounded, signalling the urgent evacuation of every person in the building – in an orderly fashion – only to stand at the designated meeting point where the fire marshals in their high-visibility vests, clipboards in hand, attempt to ascertain whether everyone has made it out of the building – preferably...


If healthcare were like popular music, most current EMR implementations could be compared to Top 40 radio, they focus on nothing but the latest hits. And while the hits may be fine for music, clinicians need more than the ‘hits’ to fully understand and diagnose their patients. To take the analogy further, clinicians need the entire back catalogue of albums to get a 360-degree patient view — which can be a challenge in today’s electronic...


In his keynote speech to the 2017 Health and Care Innovation Expo, Matthew Swindells, NHS England’s National Director of Operations and Information, urged software providers to “not be protective about ‘your’ data”. He added that, “If the patient wants you to share what you’ve got with another clinician who’s treating them, I don’t want to see vendors locking the data down”. Swindells also encouraged those working within the NHS to “drive openness and data sharing...

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