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Jamie Clifton VP of Product Management & Solutions at BridgeHead Software, a pioneer in healthcare data management, trusted by over 1,200 hospitals worldwide.

If healthcare were like popular music, most current EMR implementations could be compared to Top 40 radio, they focus on nothing but the latest hits. And while the hits may be fine for music, clinicians need more than the ‘hits’ to fully understand and diagnose their patients. To take the analogy further, clinicians need the entire back catalogue of albums to get a 360-degree patient view — which can be a challenge in today’s electronic...


Many Picture Archive and Communications System (PACS) contracts are coming up for renewal or being renewed now. However, is a straight PACS renewal or replacement contract for another five, seven or ten years with an existing or new vendor really the best solution? Or is it simply perceived to be the easiest route? Or are Trusts really exploring the possibilities available to them? At BridgeHead, we believe PACS contract renewals present the ideal opportunity for...

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