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Learning should always be positive and fruitful and when it comes to educating your children, it is even more important. We cannot deny the fact that today’s children spend more than the required time on screen. Despite the valiant efforts of the parents to keep them away from mobile phones and other electronic gadgets, they are always fascinated by them.

Schools are also handing over iPads and such devices for learning and thus, the craze for screens is endless.

So, how to deal with this?

Instead of snatching the screens away from the digital wizards, we can provide them with good quality on-screen times. For example, instead of a non-sense game app, we can encourage them to play with an app that is not only interactive but unknowingly adding some educational value to your children. This is the right time to embrace the technology that benefits your child.

So, you don’t have to dig deep in the hemispheres of educational health apps, here are the top 3 for children that will help them understand the value of nutrition and being healthy:

  1. Smash Your Food

Children love smashing, don’t they? What can be better than giving them a chance to do what they enjoy, smashing the bad and adopting the good. Well, this educational gaming app is all about that. The best part about it is that it teaches the child about nutrition in a playful manner by smashing the foods that contain excess levels of sugar, salt, oil and so on. The more you smash the unhealthy foods, the more points you score.

Advantages of this online app:

  • The game does an amazing job at explaining the importance of nutrition to the children.
  • Children gradually understand that foods with high sugar, salt and oil are harmful to their health and they should always smash them.
  1. Awesome Eats

This is a very engaging app that will open the green and colourful world of healthy foods in front of your child. This is a healthy eating app that will teach your child about eating veggies and the importance of adding colourful fruits and vegetables to their everyday meals. This app even provides recycling tips at the end, making your child aware of the pollution issues.

Kids who have a penchant towards gardening can satiate their love towards it with the help of this app. Using this app will be an enthralling experience for your child.

Advantages of this online app:

  • The children will learn about green vegetables and colourful foods.
  • They will gradually understand that these items should be added to their meals if they wish to stay strong and healthy.
  • The app has up to 60 challenging levels with 70+ different characters that create an interactive learning experience for youngsters.
  1. Super Stretch Yoga HD

The next in our list will open your child’s door to exercises. This is a wonderful app that interactively encourages the child to imitate and learn healthy yoga poses. Unknowingly the child is moving towards a fitter lifestyle. The app is all about engaging cartoons that will tell your child a quick story and show short videos for each of the yoga moves. By using this app, your child will become a yogi in no time.

Advantages of this online app:

  • Your child will imitate yoga poses that suit their age and ability, resulting in improved health and fitness.
  • The app can teach your child 12 different yoga poses where each pose is backed by videos and detailed descriptions.
  • There are different animals and the child can click on each animal to learn about the character.
  • The game is also good for beginners.

These valuable educational health apps have been very popular with younger children and their families.

Make use of the digital advances we can access today and offer your child a better and healthier future by also teaching them to educate themselves, learning digital literacy skills and becoming a digital expert.

This post has been sponsored by ClickDo Ltd.

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Manuela Willbold

Manuela Willbold

Manuela Willbold writes for and manages the UK Education Blog, providing food for thought about anything to do with education and digital learning. She is also a content strategist and blogger for ClickDo and shares her SEO knowledge in her online course on Udemy.

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