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The cost of your dental implants is a vital factor to consider when choosing the right option for you. Fortunately, there are many options for Britons to explore to fund their dental implants. The procedures can be readily accessed both locally and overseas.

Cost Of Dental Implants In The UK

The complex dental implant procedures reveal why cheap solutions are hard to come by. The dental implant services utilise high-quality materials that are quite expensive. The materials are said to have a long life of about 5-20 years, with some implants worn permanently for life. Not to mention the expertise of a skilled orthodontist required to carry out the procedure.

Tooth implants in the UK cost on average about £2000. The price may vary if there are multiple implants required. The dental implant is rarely covered by the NHS unless there is a clear medical need for it. This creates the necessity to find good value implants in UK private dental care such as the Angel Smile dental clinic in London provide with prices starting from £1695 for an implant and crown.

Ways To Save And Make Dental Implants Affordable

  • Shop around

The best method to save money with dental implants is to shop around to compare prices. You need to do adequate research on the various costs that different clinics around you charge. You may even go further to neighbouring towns and compare the services offered and the cost you might incur.

The location of the clinic will influence the price quoted. Clinics in cities and major towns are generally more expensive than suburban ones. However, competition among dentists in a concentrated area may drive the prices down.

  • Dental Insurance Cover for Teeth Implants

You may also consider taking up dental implant insurance that covers implants and cost of the procedure. Most dental insurance policies cover 50-70% of the cost of the replacement tooth. Some dental covers offer less than half with some not covering at all. You need to read the fine print from the dental implant service insurance providers to ensure you’re getting value for your money.

Keep in mind that most policies do have an annual pay-out limit. For most, it is usually below the average cost of a tooth implant in the UK. There is also a six month to one year waiting period before you are covered for implants.

If you are interested in picking up an insurance cover, check out ActiveQuote. The free comparison site will within seconds compare quotations from leading UK providers.

  • Dental Implant Financing

If you can’t afford the full upfront payment for the service, you may ask your dentist for payment plans. Most dental clinics have devised finance plans to help spread the cost of treatment.

How to finance dental implants

Most dental payment plans require an initial deposit at the start of the treatment. The remaining figure is spread out equally into monthly instalments. If possible, find one with 0% interest.

Alternatively, you may take out a personal loan or credit card to fund the dental implant bill. As usual, research is key here. Find out the various dental implant financing options available and choose the one that best fits your pocket size.

  • Dental Implants Abroad

More and more patients are looking further afield for affordable dental implants. Most patients schedule a dental implant procedure during vacations. This strategy has helped some patients save up to 70% of their dental cost when they get dental treatments abroad. This growing trend has come to be referred to as ‘dental tourism.

European countries such as Hungary, Poland and Spain are some of the popular destinations. Not only do they offer exotic tourist destinations but are also cheaper and closer to the UK. However, the downside is that should something go wrong after your treatment, they’re not around the corner to offer further dental treatment.

Dental School

Another option would be to go to dental teaching hospitals around the UK. The nationwide programs support undergraduates to gain vital experience under the supervision of an experienced dentist and dental surgeons.

Some of these schools offer these dental services for free. Some charge a reduced price for the full treatment. The learning institutions provide a good avenue to affordable teeth implants for people who cannot afford private dental clinics. But wait times might be longer and as you’re treated by students the implants may not be perfect.

Be aware! Don’t Just Cut Corners For a Reduced Price

Remember that cheap may turn out to be expensive if you consult the wrong dental clinic. Here are some of the things to avoid when cutting costs:

  • Choosing low-quality implants made from inferior materials.
  • Consulting a dental professional who is not trained in implantology and dental implants.
  • Getting fewer implants than required so that you overload the implants.

There are many methods that you may employ to cut cost on dental implants. However, you should do your due diligence to find the method that works best for you.

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