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Have you ever wondered what makes people choose a dentist or orthodontist when they are spoiled for choice like in London? No, it’s not the lowest price or the closest proximity.

Most people search for a quick solution on their smartphone as Google, the biggest search engine worldwide, reveals. And one in twenty searches for health-related information online.

What does this mean?

Simply put, if you want to be found by people on search engines, you’ll have to work for it as competition is fierce.

Ok, what leads to more clicks?

You would probably assume that Google Ads will help hugely with increasing your visibility on search engines. This is of course true, but when people search for specific health problems or services, they might add search terms in the search bar that your ads don’t cover. Therefore, they won’t pop up and won’t be found.

What’s the right online marketing strategy for dental services?

Boosting your online presence on social media platforms and mainstream search engines is key to achieving better exposure online.

ClickDo is a UK based digital marketing agency that helps clients like dentists and orthodontists with their online marketing by making this possible.

Read on to get a low down of the exact steps to online success for your dental practice online presence, which is explained by the number one SEO consultant Fernando, CEO of ClickDo.

What is the success formula to improve visibility of the online presence of a dental or orthodontist practice?

ClickDo has worked with several dental clients and has established a proven concept that helps dentists and orthodontists to boost their presence online.

Popularity and exposure are the key elements of it. When more people become familiar with a dental or orthodontist practice online, the practice gets more and more clients. The dental marketing services help dental businesses make it by broadening their client base!

Below are the main strategies used by one of the best digital marketing agencies:

1. Website Marketing

Though it might seem that personal websites are no longer as crucial nowadays for client interaction (due to the proliferation of social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter), ClickDo proposes to use such custom websites as avenues for attracting new clients and existing clients as well. They offer the needed technical expertise to attain the following prerequisites for a good business website:

  • The business name is to be featured prominently in the domain name of the website, without making it too long
  • The website should be easy to use and navigate and thus offer a good first-time user experience
  • The site should emphasize visual content over text in order to appeal to users who take an interest in the site after the initial glimpse
  • The website is to be cross-compatible over a wide range of screen sizes and resolutions
  • That the dental or orthodontist site has an opt-in email list by which site visitors can opt-in for correspondence from the website. This correspondence can take the form of offers, notifications, discounts and so forth. Opt-in email lists allow dentists and orthodontists to come up and execute email campaigns at whim.

2. SEO Marketing

The term SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization; this marketing strategy aims at making use of the prominence of certain keywords and phrases to boost the online visibility of a business on major search engines. ClickDo helps a dentist or orthodontist business by enabling them to make use of industry-specific, word-based strategies to improve their rankings on Google and other online search engines.

They insist that dental and orthodontist practices establish a local SEO blueprint which helps their business to be featured more prominently in online searches that are specific to a location. ClickDo will help a dental or orthodontist business to

  • Analyze an existing website and create an SEO report that shows how the site’s content compares with what users are searching for. This report shows the ranking of the business website on major search engines. By being able to determine the business rankings it becomes possible to analyze and plan the overall success of the online marketing strategies being implemented.
  • Make a competitive analysis of the business compared to similar businesses within their location. This is an analysis of the business’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.
  • Perform repeated phrase and keyword searches for the search terms appearing most frequently in search engine searches. This is on a continual basis as search engines trends are dynamic and thus change within short periods of time.

Dentists and orthodontists who consult ClickDo are enrolled onto an online SEO academy which makes it possible for them to receive continual support with their SEO marketing campaigns.

3. Social Media Marketing

ClickDo helps dentists and orthodontists create pages on major social media platforms such as Facebook. Such a page helps users share valuable information and can have a major impact on the business to get more referrals and recommendations. The social media page also offers a platform via which the dental or orthodontist practice can reach out to prospective clients through offers, discounts and so forth. They help with the preparation and selection of content for use on these sites in line with industry specific SEO guidelines, which ensures the social media site remains up to date and relevant.

4. Blogging

In addition to helping dentists and orthodontists to come up with a catchy website, ClickDo supports a dental or orthodontist business to host a blog on their site, providing more SEO-friendly content and relevant information. Blogs are among the top trusted online resources with more and more people choosing them for industry specific information. They in effect are empowering dental businesses to reach a wider audience.

Why you should give ClickDo a go

Some other success strategies that they offer ought to include mainstream dental marketing strategies like coming up with online contests with giveaways, participation in industry specific forums and so forth.

However, they won’t give everything away so let the digital marketing experts at ClickDo do their magic to boost your dental and orthodontic business online. Get in touch and find out what they can do for your business in the dental niche with a personal consultation.

This post has been sponsored by ClickDo Ltd.

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Manuela Willbold writes for and manages the UK Education Blog, providing food for thought about anything to do with education and digital learning. She is also a content strategist and blogger for ClickDo and shares her SEO knowledge in her online course on Udemy.

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