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As technology and online networks continue to reach new heights, many diabetics along with their support systems have moved to social media in order to express and seek support from individuals experiencing the same struggles as them. 

With COVID-19 preventing local communities and support groups from getting together in person, social media and online platforms are crucial to maintaining the support within the diabetes community.

DMP (Diabetes Management Platform) 

The app concept of DMP (Diabetes Management Platform) started with the team’s extensive market research and discussions with diabetic individuals of both types. They discovered that many diabetics are frustrated with the lack of type-distinguished communities on existing social media platforms like Facebook groups and Instagram pages even if they are specifically created for diabetics.  

The team then further explored the needs and interests of diabetics by starting an Instagram community and running focus groups to find out what diabetics really want. Since its launch on July 13th, DMP has cultivated a community of over 500 active users on the app. The number of users continues to increase at a promising rate through DMP’s consistent maintenance and improvement of the app. 

Community Support & New Connections 

The DMP app provides community support and a platform for diabetics to foster new connections. There are several type-distinguished social forums for diabetics to discuss their struggles and experiences specific to their diagnosis. Aside from type 1 and type 2 forums, DMP also carries forums that are targeted towards parents of type 1 children, geriatric diabetics, gestational diabetics, and many more. 

The “Find Friends” feature allows app users to introduce themselves when they first download DMP as well as to effortlessly meet new app users. With social distancing measures in effect, meeting new people has transitioned from face-to-face traditional methods to online platforms. DMP strives to provide a smooth transition for diabetics to make new connections that resonate with their journeys. 

Obtain Medical Information 

Blogs and social media platforms offer diabetics and other patients a convenient option to educate themselves on their conditions and gain insights on how to improve their lives. DMP aimed to provide a one-stop source for diabetics and took it to the next level by hosting app-exclusive live streams and diabetes coaches for app users. 

To provide uncomplicated access for diabetics to obtain medical information, licensed dietitians, diabetes influencers, and medical researchers host weekly live streams on the DMP app to help users learn more about diabetes management from the comfort of their own homes. The “Find Professionals” folder currently features four diabetes coaches specializing in various topics ranging from mental health to fitness and exercise. 

DMP vs Existing Social Media Platforms

The diabetes community is underserved in the online realm despite the presence of a number of established Facebook groups and Instagram pages. While these groups are great for interacting with other diabetics and their support systems, DMP was developed with the many needs and concerns of diabetics in mind. Being diabetic can be burdensome, but being in a community tailored for them will make their diabetes journeys more bright and comforting.

This article has been sponsored by TLC Platforms Inc.

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Ivy Zhang

Ivy Zhang

Ivy Zhang is a PR & Analytics Specialist at TLC Platforms Inc. and a senior at the University of Toronto. She is currently working with a determined team of compassionate individuals to develop an app named DMP (Diabetes Management Platform). Designed with the intention to foster a community for diabetics and their support systems, DMP strives to provide a platform for diabetic individuals around the world to smoothly make new connections and reach medical professionals.

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