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TruthMap, a next-generation emotional wellness company, today announced the launch of its first-of-its-kind app, TruthMap Hologram, to address the mounting mental health concerns caused or magnified by the worldwide pandemic. TruthMap Hologram is the first and only self-help app based on the proprietary therapeutic model Core Issue Completion Therapy® (CICT) rather than Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), establishing TruthMap as a pioneer in the digital emotional wellness space. Designed to “help your mind find your heart,” the new app acts as a “GPS for your mind” by helping any TruthMapper understand “why you do what you do.”

Below is the interview we conducted to learn more about TruthMap Hologram.

1. Can you tell us about TruthMap?

The TruthMap Hologram App is like having a pocket life coach. We like to say that we don’t help you feel better…we help you get better at feeling. Our app uses “theoretical physics” to show how your mind works, and we have put it into easy-to-understand psychology lessons and analogies. This is all based on “Emotion(ing),” the force that Dr. Lukens discovered, and harnessed to give us a better way of changing and upgrading our behaviors and habits.

We wrapped this all up in blue, orange, pink, and purple holographic hues.Think of it as Newton’s & Einstein’s lab notes made into a woman’s empowerment app. This gives you a “Hindsight-Is-20/20” vision in the present moment.

2. What was the motivation behind launching the TruthMap Hologram app?

TruthMap answers your biggest WHY questions. It’s a self-understanding app that helps you uncover the answers you’ve been hiding (even from yourself). We help you find your “car keys” then act like a GPS for your mind to help you navigate this crazy game of life. The method and brand is called TruthMap because we give you a map to your inner truth! We’re a team that is crazy enough to believe we can change this world one heart and mind at a time, by helping you ask yourself better questions and guiding you to find your own answers.

3. Who are the main users of the app?

TruthMap Hologram is for women who have used other self-help apps on the market and still keep texting their ex (just kidding, but not really!). The app is geared for women between 18 and 35 years old, and we’re also developing a corporate version for our executive clients. We’ll be releasing a version for men ages 18-35 next year.

4. What are the main challenges the app is trying to address?

We have audio, video and TruthMap sessions for the following categories:

  • Achievement

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Grief & Trauma

  • Love & Relationships

  • Self-Esteem

  • Social Issues

  • YES To Life

Essentially, these are the categories we believed covered the majority of the issues that people are facing and seeking answers to. We’re also addressing the lack of access to mental health and emotional wellness support by providing a means of self-assessing and working through life’s problems as they come up.

5. How does the app encourage and empower women to explore and understand their emotions and actions?

Women are encouraged to explore and understand their emotions in two ways. One, we offer a social media like ability to connect with other women and comment on all the content. Through the building of a community they won’t feel so alone, making the daunting task of examining yourself less frightening. When the majority of the community is “doing the work” the whole community benefits because we open new “journaling sessions” that we call Pathways. On top of that, we offer special incentives to the individual. The more self-work they complete, the higher their chances of receiving gifts and prizes. It’s not called inner “work” because it’s easy, we believe people should be rewarded for taking the time and energy to work on themselves.

6. What mental challenges did COVID-19 impose on women?

Most women are social creatures, being cut off or isolated keeps women from something that comes naturally to them. Feelings of isolation, depression, anxiety creep in, and on top of that, the addition of more domestic work at home. This can deplete a woman’s source of energy quickly. TruthMap Hologram has a social component to it where connections can be built with fellow TruthMappers. Through this intimate community, the user has access to support and the opportunity to engage in caring conversations. Going through the TruthMapping process, you can share key milestones and insights with other users that lead to a feeling of helping each other and yourself! Afterall, selfcare is a social responsibility. Lastly, there is an entire resource repository that we call the “Physics of Emotion(ing) (PoE) Library.” This library gives a detailed look at the core concepts in Dr. Lukens’ book series, which serves as the foundation for the TruthMapping selfcare approach.

7. How does TruthMap Hologram help users amid the COVID-19 pandemic?

It helps users through the pandemic the same way it helps people at all other times, the pandemic just gives us more time for self-reflection. For example: you have the time to use our audio courses to show you how your emotions, thoughts and behaviors intertwine in all life situations and experiences. Use these lessons to understand how your mind works. No mind is the same, so we’re not here to tell you how your mind works, we’re here to help you figure that out for yourself – and our audio lessons help get you there.

8. How does TruthMap Hologram differ from other competitors?

Truthmap is social media based on a purpose: Not just “connection” but MEANINGFUL connection. Unlike other mental health apps, you can comment on posts and messages with people just like you, who are going through similar life experiences and growing pains. Traditional social media is superficial, TruthMap Hologram is about meaningful and mindful social connections that make you feel less alone in the process of self-improvement. There’s just one newsfeed and Truthmap controls it. This is less about you posting about yourself, and more about connecting with others while you consume the content and learn the tools for navigating the path to self-understanding and self-improvement.

Another component that is different from other mental health apps is the actual proprietary method of TruthMapping. The TruthMapping process comes in the form of guided journaling and conversations with an intelligent chatbot that helps you understand your thoughts, emotions, behaviors and underlying motivations. You also have access to an entire series of interactive audio and video courses tailored to specific life situations (e.g. dealing with grief, trauma or facing a self-esteem issue). All of the key components are based on Dr. Lukens’ proprietary method called Core Issue Completion Therapy® (CICT). His unique approach leads to faster and more foundational changes and transforms how you think.

9. The app will offer three categories of content including: audio lessons, chatbot conversations, and readable lessons. Why did you choose such a combination of categories?

See, Hear, Apply. Everyone has an individual learning style. Some people learn better visually, some people learn by hearing and comprehending, while others learn best by actively doing. TruthMap combines all three so that everything you hear will be reiterated in what you see or read, and everything you read you will eventually hear. This reinforcement helps you to internally process and embrace the concepts in a way that works best for you. The chatbot evolved from a very important insight I had one day. We can “text” / “message” at incredible speeds, to the point where we can have a stream of consciousness and type what is popping up in our heads quickly in a given moment. Couple that with the fact that you can see, read and absorb the very words you are putting “on paper” almost in the moment you are typing those words, and eventually see how “watching yourself talk” can be a subconscious route to self-assessment. Most of us crave good and meaningful conversation with people, it makes us feel a sense of belonging. The TruthMap Hologram chatbot is a good way to self-assess and feel less lonely when examining what’s going on in your mind.

10. What is the TruthMapping method? 

While the method seems complex, the simplified version below will help you understand the basics. The PoE Theory Lessons teach you the arguments for why the method works, the chatbot helps you to learn and implement the method, while the audio courses help you see how the method clarifies things in the context of real life situations you could actually face, for example, a romantic breakup.

1. Identify an issue or a goal.

2. Discover how each basic emotion plays a part in it.

3. Discover what level of intensity that emotion is at in regards to the issue/goal.

4. Find the side of the funnel the emotions correspond to.

5. Find the necessary action for completion of this issue or for completing the roadblock that could potentially keep you from reaching the goal.

*Rinse and repeat with every one of the 9 Basic Emotions that you believe is coming up for you surrounding the experience you are TruthMapping about.

11. How can the TruthMapping method help users understand the willful motivations that drive their decisions? Can the Physics of Emotion(ing) (PoE) theory be related here? 

How emotions “work” in us and on us IS the Physics of Emotion(ing). And how our emotions work is really the truth of who we are, and this is what we’re mapping when we use the TruthMap process. The Physics of Emotion(ing) is TruthMapping and vice versa. If you thoroughly examine why you make a decision, you are inherently learning something you can’t unlearn; these essential truths about yourself become more of who you are and fundamentally replace your old ideas.

12. Where can users get TruthMap Hologram?

In the Apple App Store and Google Play Store

13. What recommendations would you like to give women in regards to mental health, especially amid the COVID-19 pandemic?

There are two completely divergent experiences women are having as a result of the pandemic. There are women whose lives have slowed way down and become less interactive, then there are women whose lives have sped up considerably and become much more crowded. My number one suggestion to both groups: Forgive yourself! Wake up every morning and say “I forgive myself for all I’m going to get wrong today.” Use this time as much as you can to focus on making fundamental changes and improvements to your mental health and in your emotional world. If you never had the time to slow down, do some of the things you have the capability to do to make yourself healthier and better. A quote I came up with that I recently started sharing with people is, “you can’t expect to be your best if you can’t forgive yourself for your worst.”

For the women who are experiencing the exact opposite; kids are home, the nanny’s there, your husband works from home now, you need to do the same. Commit to carving out time for your mental wellbeing. Support your husband, partner or significant other in doing the same. Any guilt you experience as a result of trying to take “you time” is normal and valid, but that’s something you can TruthMap about as well. It all comes down to understanding your inner critic, don’t just silence it, learn from it.

14. Where do you see TruthMap in the next 5-years?

I see TruthMap in the next five years as not just a brand but as a whole community. I see our products as a means for people to make stronger and more authentic connections with each other. I see memes about our community and shared inside jokes about TruthMapping. I see the community itself being a vital part of evolving the theoretical framework. They will guide us to know their pain points, we will help them (and others too) with those pains. We will always maintain our focus on being more effective at using the Theory to help people, and I see us branching out to meet new demographics where they are: children’s and adolescents’ books, a TV show, consumer friendly books for various specific experiences (remember the PoE is 1,200 pages!), TruthMap branded Harley Davidson’s perhaps!? I hope you will be alongside us on this journey.

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