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Do you have a senior in your life that may be in need of a change in living situation? As our loved ones age, we want them to enjoy their daily hobbies and activities without having to deal with some of the more difficult parts of aging. For some, this could involve moving into a senior living community or nursing home. There are plenty of living options available for seniors, and not all senior living...


Becoming a nurse takes a lot of hard work and dedication. School and clinical hours add up to a lot of time spent learning what it takes to be a nurse. There are a lot of tests, and a lot of practical exams you have to be prepared for. When you’re immersed in all of that it’s sometimes easy to lose sight of the fact that someday you’ll be done with nursing school and will...


Building trust and rapport with patients is one of the most important aspects of a nurse’s role. Nurses who take the time to establish a positive relationship with patients (and their families or other caregivers) will gain a better understanding of the patient’s needs and emotions, enabling them to deliver the highest levels of care. In healthcare settings, the nurse often spends the most time with a patient, so these interactions will determine the patient’s...


Are you a new nurse or a nursing student who intends to make the most of your professional field? Then the only support you have in this context is your tools. #Nursing Just like any profession, even nursing tools have their own unique functionalities, which are needed in order to let you accomplish all your goals. While some nursing tools can be quite simple, there are others that need in-depth research before you start using...

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