NursingWhere to Find Jobs for Travel Nurses in the UK For Short-Term Assignments?

There are several reasons why nurse practitioners choose travel nursing, including excellent income and limitless options. The career alternatives are ideal for nurses who enjoy exploring new countries, wish to diversify their skill set, and want to travel.

In the near term, travel nurses assist cover shortages. Assignments can last anywhere from 13 and 26 weeks in the United States, although they often last at least a year abroad. Some of the best-paid jobs are found in European nations and the UK. Benefits may include travel expenses, a housing allowance, and a portion of food as well as additional living expenditures.

How to Become an International Travelling Nurse View More Programs

Comparable to working as a regional travel nurse, becoming a professional international travel nurse. Nevertheless, depending on where you’re going, there can be extra requirements.

Obtain knowledge.

In order to work as a domestic travel nurse, you must be licensed as a nurse in the territory where you will be employed. Your target nation’s regulations for foreign travel nursing may be more extensive.

This list may contain a current passport, a work visa, and any necessary travel vaccines. Special certifications could be needed for some establishments. Others could demand a language exam as proof of competence prior to departure.

Acquire employment.

Hospitals, physicians’ offices, and outpatient clinics are all potential workplaces for international travel nurses. Although working for a travelling nursing agency is not required, it can aid in job searching, contract finalization, and relocation.

When choosing your location, keep in mind how long your contract is. Typically, an International Travel Nurse will work 13 to 26 weeks. One- and two-year contracts may be made available to foreign nurses.

International training for travel nurses

Know the qualifications you might need in terms of education and experience as you examine your alternatives as a travel nurse. Most employers prefer a BSN degree.

Advanced practice registered nurses, or APRNs, have the option of working as certified registered nurse, nurse midwife, family nurse specialist, children’s medicine nurse practitioner, adult-gerontology medical practitioner, emergency room nurse practitioner, or psychiatric behavioural health nurse practitioner.

Your chances as an overseas-travelling nurse will partly depend on the speciality you select.

International credentials for travel nurses

A license as a nurse in the United States is required for foreign travel nurses. An APRN must pass the certification test for their area of expertise. After completing these two steps, you’ll need a driver’s license, visa, employment permit, and any necessary sponsorship for your final location.

There could be a different list of required documents for every nation. This may consist of academic credentials, birth certificates, vaccination records, and documentation of your language proficiency.


An RN may decide to possess certificates that show advanced expertise in pain management, rehabilitation nursing, or other speciality areas. Certifications offered by professional organizations have criteria to keep them current.

You have a special opportunity to earn a living and travel around the globe as an overseas travelling nurse. Opportunities for nurses working in surgical and urgent care centres, cardiac and maternity units, and other specialities have arisen as a result of the acute worldwide nursing shortage.

Before looking for long-term employment abroad, think about trying out something new as a nurse on the road within the United States.

Working with the American Department of Defense (https://www.defense.gov/)(DoD), which offers nursing positions abroad, is an additional choice. The DoD collaborates with you to make sure you’re carrying the proper paperwork so you may work abroad.

You require abilities in addition to documentation. Collaboration, conflict resolution, and teamwork abilities are necessary for nurses. It is difficult to succeed without a solid understanding of the local tongue.

These are some typical work environments for foreign travel nurses. Keep in mind that the roles you can apply for will be influenced by your specialities and qualifications.

Hospital organizations are looking for nurses with expertise in the operating room, telemetry, emergency department, or critical care unit. Nursing requires critical thinking, initiative, and leadership in several areas.

Clinics for Outpatient Care

Nurses must be skilled in triage, evaluation, patient education, beginning IVs, or RN case supervision in an outpatient context.

Medical practices

A nurse working in a doctor’s office must be proficient in communication, evaluation, medicine administration, wound care, and simple medical procedures.

Queries about Becoming a Global Travel Nurse

Do travelling nurses travel abroad?

Travel nurses have the option of going abroad or locally. You require a specialist license and certification, a passport, and a work visa in order to travel and work abroad. A language exam to demonstrate your ability may also be required, along with letters of recommendation. Worldwide assignments may span up to two years, while domestic ones might last down to 26 weeks.

How can I work as a nurse abroad?

Getting your BSN via an approved institution is the first step. You must successfully complete the NCLEX-RN after graduation before you may apply for licensure in your state. A minimum of one year of clinical experience is often required by travel companies for novice nurses. Many advise spending two years becoming proficient in a speciality before practising abroad.

If you don’t already have them, it can take you up to a year to collect the essential paperwork after you’ve been approved by an agency. This might include a travel document, work visa, letters of recommendation, and language proficiency tests. Some nations could also demand sponsorship.

Where is the ideal location for a travel nursing job abroad?

The chance to travel and work while doing international travel nursing. The ideal location depends on your objectives.

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