FitnessWhat Type of Equipment Do You Need for an ATG Program?

The Knees Over Toes (KOT) Athletic Training Group (ATG) program is a revolutionary approach to knee health and performance developed by coach Ben Patrick. This program focuses on improving knee flexibility, strength, and overall function to help athletes and fitness enthusiasts reach their athletic potential and prevent knee injuries. To fully benefit from the KOT ATG program, individuals need specific equipment to perform the exercises safely and effectively. This article will explore the essential equipment required for this groundbreaking program. 

Slant Boards

Slant boards are essential in the KOT ATG program, especially for improving ankle mobility and strengthening the lower legs. Fitness Drum explains that these boards have a slanted surface allowing individuals to perform exercises with elevated feet. By incorporating slant board exercises like calf raises, ankle mobility drills, and shin stretches, participants can target the muscles and tendons around the ankles, supporting better knee alignment during movements.

Slant boards benefit athletes and individuals with limited ankle dorsiflexion range of motion. Regular use of slant boards can lead to increased ankle flexibility, reducing the strain on the knees and promoting better functional movement patterns.


Sliders are low-friction discs used to perform exercises that challenge the knee’s range of motion, such as lateral lunges and knee circles. By sliding the foot on the floor, the knee undergoes controlled movements that enhance flexibility and joint mobility. Sliders are portable and easy to use on various surfaces, making them a convenient addition to the KOT ATG equipment list.

Foam Roller

Incorporating foam rolling into the KOT ATG program is vital for myofascial release and muscle recovery. A foam roller helps alleviate tension and knots in the muscles surrounding the knee, improving flexibility and reducing the risk of injuries. Regular foam rolling sessions can aid post-workout recovery and enhance overall knee health.

Ankle Weights

Ankle weights are used in the KOT ATG program to enhance knee-strengthening exercises. By wearing ankle weights during specific movements like leg curls or reverse Nordic curls, individuals can create greater resistance and target the hamstrings and other muscles responsible for knee stabilization. Ankle weights come in various weights, allowing users to progressively increase the challenge as their strength improves.

Stability Ball

A stability ball is a valuable piece of equipment for the KOT ATG program, especially for core strengthening exercises. Individuals engage their core muscles by performing exercises like stability ball hamstring curls or plank variations on the ball while simultaneously targeting the knees and other lower-body muscles.

Athletic Shoes

Proper footwear is an essential piece of ATG equipment for any kind of athletic program. High-quality athletic shoes with good arch support and cushioning can help reduce the impact on the knees during exercises, minimizing the risk of strain or injury. Additionally, well-fitting shoes promote proper biomechanics and support overall performance.

Suspension Trainer

A suspension trainer, like TRX, is an excellent addition to the KOT ATG program for enhancing bodyweight exercises. By utilizing suspension training, individuals can perform exercises like suspended lunges, pistol squats, and single-leg squats, challenging their stability and proprioception. The unstable nature of the suspension trainer engages the core muscles, promoting better balance and coordination while minimizing stress on the knees. 


Mini-bands are small, versatile resistance bands that add an extra challenge to various exercises. They can activate the glutes and hips, crucial in supporting the knee joint during movements. Mini-bands can be placed above the knees or ankles to engage the lateral hip muscles, providing added support and reducing the risk of knee valgus (inward knee collapse) during exercises.

Tibialis Anterior (Tib) Boards

According to the Tib Factory, Tib boards are specialized equipment designed to target the tibialis anterior muscle, the muscle responsible for dorsiflexion (lifting the toes towards the shin). Strong tibialis anterior muscles contribute to proper foot mechanics and can help prevent issues like shin splints.

The KOT ATG program incorporates exercises using Tib boards to improve the strength and endurance of the tibialis anterior muscle. Participants can perform toe lifts, ankle inversion/eversion exercises, and resisted dorsiflexion drills to develop better control over foot movement and alleviate stress on the knees during various activities.

The Knees Over Toes Athletic Training Group (ATG) program offers a comprehensive and innovative approach to knee health and performance. By utilizing the appropriate equipment, individuals can effectively engage in exercises targeting knee flexibility, strength, and stability. Each piece of equipment contributes to the program’s success, from resistance bands and weight plates to stability balls and ankle weights.

By embracing the KOT ATG program and investing in the necessary equipment, individuals can take significant steps toward achieving optimal knee health, preventing injuries, and unlocking their full athletic potential. Remember, consistency and a willingness to push boundaries will lead to better knee function and improved performance, enhancing the overall quality of life for athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike.

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