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When it comes to selecting a career, many aspiring students may feel understandably overwhelmed as each sector hosts seemingly endless options. However, there are a few ways that you can narrow down your selection and grasp enough confidence in your decision. One of the best ways to select is a career is to determine key aspects, such as salary, job satisfaction, job security, and other smaller aspects such as growth, work-life balance and others.

In the event that you are considering a career in healthcare, you can navigate through intriguing bits and pieces on Premed Experts that will help you on your way to becoming a healthcare practitioner. However, if you are not yet sure which careers in healthcare are the highest paying, the following lists the most lucrative careers in healthcare.


As far as healthcare practitioners go, physicians earn the highest annual salary. However, earnings do vary according to the employer. Physicians are high in demand and have been for quite some time, which means that pursuing a career as a physician will open doors to ample lucrative opportunities.


Second to physicians, dentists earn an exceptionally high income annually. However, this may be because dentists often open their own practice after obtaining a doctorate and adequate experience in the field. However, not everyone finds the job description of a dentist all that appealing, which is why you should consider an aptitude test before pursuing the path to becoming a dentist.

Physicians Assistant

A physician’s assistant works under the guidance of a physician by interpreting tests and conducting necessary exams. While these professionals make quite an alluring annual income, most physicians assistants work their way up to eventually obtain a position as a physician. Although, it is also not uncommon for professionals to remain in the assistant position as the relevant salary is quite sufficient.


Pursuing a career as a nurse requires significantly less student loan debt as you may only require a masters degree to start practising in the field. The job description is also exceptionally rewarding as nurses often perform similar duties to those of a qualified physician. Nurses also usually have a specialty, just as physicians, which means you will be able to practice in a specialised field that you find most appealing.

Working in the healthcare sector is often described as an exceptionally rewarding experience as professionals are able to truly impact the lives of their patients. One of the most alluring aspects of opting for a career in this sector is that you will be able to take advantage of career stability and job security unlike any other. When considering that healthcare practitioners are widely considered essential workers, your impact on the industry will definitely earn you respect. Therefore, student loan debt might not be as much of a concern as you may have thought. Even though student loan interests rates can seem high, the incredible salaries offered to these professionals means you won’t be as crippled by your decision to study.

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