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Weight loss center can be your home! Try implementing the habits below one by one and then keep track of how you are doing. These habits all contribute to achieving your ‘permanent weight loss’ goal. Hang the habits somewhere visible and formulate a concrete action, which habit are you going to perform this month?

1. See fruit and vegetables as a basis

It’s not without reason that fruit and vegetables are known as healthy food, each type has its unique quality and taste. Vegetables are packed with essential nutrients and are low in calories. Vegetables are one of the few foods that you can actually eat in unlimited quantities. In addition, eat at least 2 portions of fruit per day.

2. Choose fiber-rich foods

Fiber is often overlooked, but it may be one of the most important nutrients! Fibers have an extremely positive effect on our health. They contribute to good digestion, ensure a feeling of satiety (which helps with weight loss), and reduce the risk of lifestyle diseases. Fiber is found in vegetable product groups such as vegetables, fruit, whole grain products, legumes, nuts and seeds.

3. Eat high in protein

Proteins make you feel full and help you lose and maintain weight. In addition, they are building blocks for body cells, important for preserving muscle tissue, and they are also involved in the construction of hormones, enzymes, and neurotransmitters. Important protein sources are eggs, meat, fish, legumes, dairy products, and grain products.

4. Eat healthy fats

There is somewhat of a stigma attached to fat as ‘wrong’. Many people remove unnecessary fat from their diet to lose weight. However, your body does need fat in the form of omega-6 and omega-3. In addition, fat is a source of vitamins A, D, E, and K. A healthy diet consists of approximately 20 to 40 percent fat. Fat provides 9 kilocalories per gram, hence the stigma that it does not go hand in hand with losing weight. The opposite is true, fats remain in the stomach for a relatively long time and therefore also give a feeling of satiety. Examples of healthy fat-rich products are oily fish, avocado, oils, nuts, seeds, and kernels.

5. Don’t drink calories, drink lots of water!

Apply the golden rule; don’t drink calories! They are often empty calories in the form of sugar and do not provide satiety. Make sure you drink more than enough water per day (2 liters).

6. Prepare fresh meals (eat unprocessed) and vary widely

Try to use fresh and unprocessed products as much as possible. Also eat a varied diet, because there is no single product that contains all macro and micronutrients, you have to vary to get all the important substances. By eating a varied diet, there is a greater chance that the body will receive enough of all nutrients. This keeps your body fit and healthy. Additional advantage: variety is never boring.

7. Eat limited processed foods (avoid added sugars)

Processed products contain many calories, sugar, saturated fat, and salt per portion. They generally have limited nutritional value. It’s a convenience food, and we can easily eat too much of it!

8. Go for four meal times a day

Provide three complete and healthy main meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) and supplement these with healthy snacks where necessary. When the three main meals are sufficiently satisfying and really nourish your body, you can easily get through the day!

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