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More recently, at the start of COVID-19 back in March, TeamUp was the first software to fully integrate with Zoom, enabling TeamUp’s customers to offer online classes to their customers from home. Since then TeamUp have received over 3,000 more sign-ups and are now helping their customers transition back to re-opening their gyms while continuing to host online classes if they choose to do so, which many are. TeamUp recently collaborated with a leading Pilates studio in the UK to see how their customers felt about returning to in-person classes. You can see the full results, here.

To learn more, we conducted an interview with TeamUp.

1. Can you tell us more about TeamUp?

TeamUp is business management software for independent fitness business owners. We’re focused on giving a professional and clutter-free experience for personal trainers, instructors, teachers of fitness classes who want to serve their clients.

2. How can TeamUp help businesses grow their memberships?

The interesting thing about growing memberships is that often business owners look externally for new growth – marketing channels, promotion, paid ads – where usually the answer to their long term stable and successful growth lies in being able to provide an exceptional experience for their existing clients.

TeamUp helps you make your business a pleasure to interact with. It removes the frustrating barriers that customers face when trying to sign up using free widgets on a website or simpler software that doesn’t have the flexibility and intentional design to create a delightful experience.

3. How can TeamUp improve client management?

When dealing with clients the one really big “no” is focusing on the financial or admin side of things. You want every personal interaction to be focused on your clients goals and journey and building your relationship. Primarily this usually means removing awkward conversations about payments and having all their personal details on hand so you don’t have to re-ask for information that they would expect you to know already as their trusted advisor.

On top of that, you want to be present for them at the right moments. There’s no point congratulating them on hitting a milestone long after it’s passed. Usually, those events are missed because you’re relying on a staff member to remember or catch a customer on their way into class. You can simplify this so much by automating those key relationship messages and having automated reminders and alerts directly on your class register. TeamUp has an abundance of features to help you create that personal experience that customers will want to shout to their friends about.

4. How can TeamUp save time and energy, and reduce stress levels for businesses?

Simply put: intelligently designed features that run and build your business on autopilot. These include:

  • Powerful memberships – manage every aspect of your customers relationship with your business. How much they pay, how they pay, when they pay, how many sessions they can attend, and when.
  • Intelligent payment integrations – no more manual chasing of payments. Customers can amend their payment details themselves. Low cost and easy to set up with no paperwork.
  • Automated growth – features like customer referrals will give you a growth engine on autopilot.
  • Relationship messaging – customise everything, add new messages to fit your customer journey, encourage sharing and attendance. Reduce no-shows, help staff keep on brand, and so much more.

There’s so much more I could talk about here like messaging to retain customers who are slipping away but check out our website if you are interested in a particular feature.

5. What insights can a business gain through TeamUp?

For a start you have a dashboard that will highlight all the important tasks for the day. You also have a reporting explorer that you can filter, sort and understand everything important about your business.

6. You have integrated your software with Zoom. Can you elaborate on that?

We upgraded TeamUp to seamlessly manage online and in-person classes when the world shifted in 2020. The system is unique in that you can blend the two types of classes. If one customer wants to be at home for a while longer then they can still use their existing membership and payment to continue attending classes – by Zoom.

The integration itself is incredible – it allows you to easily manage your class directly from the same register as your other classes. It even automatically marks attendees off your register.

Security was really important to us so we made it impossible for your attendees to share their link and have adopted the top level of password protection that Zoom have developed.

We’re really proud of how our customers responded with more than 50% switching to online within a couple of weeks of lockdown keeping their businesses and their customers health.

7. How is TeamUp supporting businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic?

The main way we’ve supported our customers is by helping them stay open and adding a special dashboard with new features to manage all the complex details of membership holds and payments. We’ve helped keep them open and viable and that’s something we’re incredibly grateful for.

We also helped any business financially when they were struggling via personal support. The community has come together and it’s been bittersweet but something wonderful to see too.

We also produced multiple resources to help businesses navigate everything including setting up and promoting their online classes.

8. What recommendations would you like to give businesses amid this pandemic?

There’s never been a clearer example of how important fitness businesses are to the health of their customers. I’ve seen so many amazing stories of the impact that online classes on mental health and maintaining a thread of community during the year.

My recommendation is to remember that you are important to your customers. We produced a lot of resources to help you connect with your customers and be the leader that they need.

There are new opportunities because of the changing situation – don’t be afraid to try something new.

9. Where do you see TeamUp in the next 5-years?

Primarily I see TeamUp doing what we’re doing now – serving our customers. We will continue to listen and learn and build the business support that they need. This is exactly what we recommend to our customers too – focusing on your existing community is the best way to grow any business.

This interview was supported by TeamUp

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