Mental HealthFursonas: The Newest Form Of Virtual Self Expression

Social media has become an outlet for self-expression. Users can now create profiles, post statuses, and share photos using emojis and hashtags. But what about a different kind of representation? What about a visual identity that’s as unique as you are? Enter fursonas. In the world of social media, users are creating accounts to represent themselves with animal avatars called “fursonas”— think profile pictures with animal faces instead of human ones. They are a form of what is known as furry art and allow users to express their true selves on the Internet.

What is a Fursona?

A fursona is a virtual identity that represents yourself. People create these identities on social media such as Instagram or Twitter with visual representations that are often times of an animal. You can create a fursona for any reason, but it’s most common to do so as an outlet for self-expression. Fursonas are most often done for self-expression, but you might also be doing it as a hobby activity or as a way to connect with other people who have fursonas as well. You can create a fursona as a way of exploring your creativity, expressing your interests, or expressing your identity in a way that you might not otherwise be able to do in your everyday life.

How to Create a Fursona

There is no one way to create a fursona. It’s really an art form of self-expression. Some people will want to choose one animal to represent themselves, while others will want to create a whole family of animals. Some furries will choose to represent themselves as an animal that they admire, but others will create a completely unique and new animal that no one has ever seen before. You can create your fursona in any way that you want to, so long as you’re being honest with yourself about why you’re doing it. – Choose Your Animal – First, you’ll have to decide what animal you’d like to represent yourself as. This can be any animal you want, and you can choose to either represent yourself as one animal or a whole family of animals. – Create Personality – Once you’ve chosen your animal, you can create a personality for your fursona. This is where you get to be creative and explore your imagination. You can choose any personality that best describes how you want to be seen by others. – Choose Your Looks – Next, you’ll have to decide how your fursona looks. This can be anything from the color of their fur to their physical appearance. – Name Your Fursona – Lastly, you’ll have to name your fursona. This is an important part of creating a fursona, as it helps you get even more into the mindset of your fursona. – Post Your Fursona – Once you’ve finished creating your fursona, you can post your profile picture to any social media account that allows you to represent yourself as an animal.

Why Are People Creating Fursonas?

People create fursonas for a number of reasons. First and foremost, it’s a form of self-expression and creativity. It’s a way to communicate and share your interests with others through visual imagery instead of a text-only medium. However, there are also others who create fursonas as a way to explore their sexuality and gender identity, or even as an outlet for their mental health. For example, if you struggle with anxiety, creating a fursona can be an outlet for your emotions. If you create a shy or timid fursona, you can channel that shyness or timidity into your online persona and feel more confident in your online presence. Or, if you have depression, you can create a fursona that’s sad or dejected and channel your emotions into your online persona.

Different Types of Fursonas

There are a number of different types of fursonas. There are people who are into anthropomorphic animals, which is where you take a non-human animal and give them human-like characteristics, like an opposable thumb. Other people are interested in zoophilia, so they’re fascinated by real animals. There are people who are furred humans, meaning they’re wearing fursuits that look like an animal. There are also people who like to use the term “therians,” which is where they identify as an animal. They may feel like they have a connection to that animal, and they like to identify as that animal.

Is There a Downside to Fursonas?

While fursonas can be a fun outlet for self-expression and creativity, there are some downsides to creating a fursona. One thing to be aware of is that not everyone shares the same interests as you. It’s important that if you’re creating a fursona, you’re doing so because it’s an outlet for self-expression and creativity, not because you’re trying to force your interests on other people. Another potential downside to creating a fursona is that some social media platforms, such as Twitter, don’t allow you to use an animal as your profile picture. You may also find that some people treat your fursona as if it’s your real identity, which can be frustrating.


In the ever-changing world of social media and self-expression, fursonas have become the new normal. They allow users to create visual identities that are as unique as they are. While fursonas may seem strange to those who don’t understand the culture, they’re a way for users to express themselves online in a way that is as unique as they are.

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