TelemedicineWill Telemedicine Be the New Normal?

With lockdown orders in place and a global health crisis ongoing, doctors and patients are now choosing to carry out their consultation process through telemedicine. The fear of being exposed and violating orders has left many people with no choice but to resort to this mode of doctor-patient interaction. The COVID-19 pandemic’s end is yet to be seen, but with people getting comfortable with telemedicine, many experts believe it will become the new norm.

Fuelling an Existing Technology

Telemedicine is not new. In fact, organized telemedicine has existed in the U.S. since the 1950s. However, most of these applications were utilized in hard-to-reach areas – remote and war-torn places, in which going out for a doctor’s visit is often impossible. However, since most doctors need to do a complete physical examination, they almost always require their patients to see them personally for proper assessment.

Due to the coronavirus, clinicians and patients have found ways to make telemedicine work for their advantage.

Benefits of Telemedicine

Cost-Effective Option

In terms of financial costs, telemedicine can be a practical option for both patient and doctor. One, clinicians would never need to maintain a doctor’s office in a hospital. They can simply see their patients in their home office, which would lessen the overhead costs. This, in turn, could help them lower their doctor’s fees. Both would never have to spend money on the commute, such as parking and gas.


For non-serious conditions, it would be more suitable for patients to simply go online and consult their physicians about their situation without exposing themselves. This convenience would give them the ability to connect with their attending physician directly – and this is something that can flourish even post-pandemic. Patients can simply go online and connect with their clinics like https://www.seattlepainrelief.com/ and consult their physicians.

Patient Privacy

Now that privacy is an ever-evolving concern, specifically in the healthcare industry, patients can better guard their privacy because they connect directly with the doctor. They never have to get in line and mingle with other people who may be nosey when it comes to other people’s health issues. Telemedicine is also compliant with HIPAA guidelines, so there is no worry about confidential patient data leaking.

The Downsides of Telemedicine

It may have benefits, but telemedicine comes with downsides as well:


Not everyone has access to telemedicine. For people who don’t have access to smartphones or Internet connectivity, telemedicine can be an issue. It can alienate them even more. Failure to connect with a doctor can only result in the development of more severe conditions.

Limited to Non-Severe Cases

Telemedicine is best used for patients with non-life-threatening cases. Plus, some cases require doctors to see in person. For instance, some lesions must be seen in person to better diagnose the patient, especially in dermatological cases, where it is crucial to carefully examine each lesion type, including its size, kind, and growth.


Since telemedicine relies heavily on technology and Internet connectivity, it is prone to glitches. It can be quite inconvenient for all parties to suddenly lose connection during a consultation. It can affect the process, as it is vital for doctors to build a rapport with their patients, and losing connection can significantly affect it.

Key Takeaways

Will telemedicine be the new normal? While it is possible to see a surge in the practice of telemedicine even when the pandemic is over, it cannot replace in-person consultations. Both patients and doctors would still crave to have human interaction in the healthcare process. Nothing can replace the emotional connection that they can build through face-to-face consultations.

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