FeaturedHealthcareVisionflex Takes Quality Healthcare To Remote Areas With The ProEX Telehealth Hub

Visionflex is making waves throughout the healthcare industry, largely due to its groundbreaking developments in telehealth technology and big-picture approach to healthcare.

Over 10 years ago, the founders of Visionflex, an Australian-based company, set out to achieve an enormous yet simple goal: Equality Healthcare. In essence, this means reaching the more remote areas — those in both Australia and throughout the world — with the same high-quality healthcare that most people can expect to receive.

Often, these locations include rural communities, military camps, prisons, nursing homes, and cruise liners — places where unique health challenges abound. In fact, in many of these areas, the number of fatalities caused by lung cancer, pulmonary disease, and diabetes are frequently higher than average.

Unfortunately, these patients are often unable to reach their general healthcare providers, let alone meet with specialists.

Enter Visionflex’s flagship product, the ProEX Telehealth Hub.

This compact, portable system is quickly becoming the go-to telehealth hub for many doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals, allowing them to be more mobile than ever. With this powerful unit in hand, they are able to meet with patients directly in some of these more remote areas.

Using state-of-the-art technology and offering a wide range of capabilities, the ProEX Telehealth Hub meets the majority of the requirements for comprehensive general medical examinations.

To start, this product features high-quality, live video and imaging capabilities by means of its medical HD camera handpiece, which is integrated with the unit’s ergonomic design. This beautifully designed HD camera uses built-in, high-intensity white LED illumination and precision optics to consistently deliver high-resolution images.

The ProEX also supports a range of interchangeable medical devices that are used to perform different types of examinations. Whether you’re looking to capture data related to general imaging, ophthalmology, dental, dermatology, ECG, blood pressure, patient temperature or otherwise, the ProEX can handle it all.

What’s more is that each one of the system’s devices and attachments have been designed with both performance and comfort in mind, offering patients a convenient and comprehensive general medical examination every time.

As data is recorded to the Visionflex ProEX, it gets saved securely to the patient’s file. When healthcare providers are trained on the device, they can easily navigate the functions via the unit’s touchscreen and user-friendly interface with confidence. Additionally, they gain the ability to retrieve, view, and deliver information as needed.

With HDMI video inputs, and USB ports, the ProEX is able to connect to an array of peripheral devices commonly used during examinations. These include endoscope cameras, digital stethoscopes, blood pressure cuffs, and many more.

But that’s not all. The unit also features video conferencing capabilities that can be simply integrated with most conferencing platforms.  This feature makes it easy for healthcare professionals to communicate with other practitioners and specialists in real time; reducing the time needed to offer diagnoses and provide treatment plans.

The Visionflex ProEX Telehealth hub is just the first of many steps towards offering better healthcare for people in need. As this technology impacts the lives of patients in remote areas, and Visionflex endeavors to build on these solutions, one thing is for certain: the company’s unwavering commitment to providing Equality Healthcare for all.

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