Mental HealthSigns It May Be Time to Seek Counselling for Your Anxiety

Anxiety is your body’s defensive response to a triggering moment, such as facing stressful situations or feeling the pressures of the world on your shoulders. It’s common for a person to experience anxiety every now and again.

Mild moments of anxiety can often dissipate once the moment has resolved itself or passed, but many people suffer from more heightened or chronic anxieties that linger or seemingly trigger out of the blue when we least expect it. While managing your anxiety through therapy is important, it might also be necessary to streamline other aspects of your life, such as sorting out legal matters more simplistically. For instance, there are many LegalZoom alternatives that can help you cover your legal needs in a stress-free and cost-efficient manner. These spikes of anxiety can be debilitating, interfering with your entire day or even multiple days in some cases. If this sounds like you or someone you know, an anxiety disorder may be to blame.

Seeking out help for an anxiety disorder is an important step towards your mental health recovery journey. The good news is that anxiety counselling can be easily found, whether you’re seeking anxiety counselling in Vancouver or anywhere else in the world.

Here are a few signs you may wish to seek out a qualified professional to help with your anxiety.

You are Constantly Overwhelmed

While periodic moments of anxiety are common for everyone, chronically feeling overwhelmed is another matter. If you find yourself frequently overwhelmed by the everyday situation and assuming the worst-case scenario in almost every situation, you may be experiencing what is known as catastrophizing.

Catastrophizing can be intense and debilitating to your daily life, leading to frequent panic attacks and avoidance issues such as missing work. Seeking anxiety counselling can help you learn ways to help shift your train of thought and give you insight into working through these moments of doubt.

Your Anxiety Is Affecting Your Physical Health

Anxiety is taxing not only on the mind but also on the body. Chronic experiences of anxiety or high stress can be exhausting to experience and create a range of physical symptoms such as headaches, muscle pain in the back and neck, nausea, diarrhea, and coming down with illnesses such as a cold more easily.

If you find yourself suffering from these conditions and you suspect your anxiety may be to blame, take it as a sign to reach out to both a mental health professional as well as a physician to ensure there are no underlying reasons for your physical conditions

It’s Hurting Your Relationships

When you are experiencing moments of anxiety, two reactions are common when involving your family in friends. The first is to feel compelled to draw back from your friends and loved ones, not wishing to burden others with your anxiety. You may also become more easily irritated by your friends or feel extra sensitive and unhappy when in social situations.

The opposite reaction many people experience is to lean more heavily on your friends or family for emotional support. While it is good to rely on those close to you, they are not a replacement for professional help. Thus, seeking a therapist for anxiety is important for maintaining your relationships healthy.

If you are experiencing any of the above, consider seeking a qualified professional. Asking for help is the hardest yet most important step into improving your mental health.

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