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Plastic is widely used in healthcare and community environments and in particular is used when bathing patients at the bedside and cleansing wounds. Microorganisms can attach and colonize the surface of plastic forming environmental biofilms. These contaminated fomites can lead to the spread of nosocomial infections, some of which are resistant to antibiotics e.g. MRSA and VRE. The PathAguard® range of products utilize one of nature’s natural agents, silver, to counteract this widespread contamination problem. Silver ions embedded into the plastic, binds to and damages the cell wall of pathogens preventing growth and replication of these microorganisms. This unique property of silver ion technology essentially facilitates self-protection of the plastic. This low toxicity mode of action is proven to inhibit the growth of microorganisms when coming in contact with PathAguard® products.

PathAguard ABLiS

The PathAguard ABLiS® reusable Basin is used in conjunction with a PathAguard ® ABLiS single-use Liner. Standard plastic basins have been shown to be heavily contaminated with pathogens posing a risk to vulnerable patients in a clinical setting (Marchaim et al., 2012; Johnson, Lineweaver and Maze, 2009). Skin cells that are shed during bathing never come in contact with the ABLiS® Basin itself thus mitigating the risk of cross contamination between products during routine hygiene activities.

* A new clean single-use ABLiS Liner is essential for each patient use to ensure complete cleanliness.

PathAguard LUCA

The PathAguard LUCA® is a unique and effective method for aiding the cleaning and treating of lower limb ulcers and wounds. The low-density polyethylene liner is also protected with silver ion technology and is designed to accommodate the liquid solution required to cleanse ulcerated limbs and wounds.

Hygiene: Theoretically the use of a plastic liner LUCA®, which inhibits the growth of microorganisms, is less likely to contaminate the water the limb is soaked in. Non-medical grade plastic bags may not be very hygienic and heavily contaminated with bacteria during the manufacturing process, transportation and storage of these bags.  An open wound is being placed into this environment and the wound may become contaminated with these microorganisms.

Ease of Use:  The specially designed LUCA ® facilitates complete immersion of lower limb ulcers regardless of location. Wounds higher up the leg can be treated easily with the LUCA®. Disposal of the used water following treatment is hygienic and efficient as the LUCA® can be closed off preventing aerosolization of its contents. Special plastic ties ensure the LUCA ® remains comfortably on the patient.

Wound Visibility: The LUCA ® is a translucent hygienic plastic Liner which facilitates inspection of the wound during treatment. This means the limb can remain immersed as it is cleaned allowing the practitioner to observe the wound bed while removing debris.


CMC Hygea Ltd is an Irish based medical device company designing, developing and manufacturing unique healthcare products for use in clinical and community settings. Our mission is to develop and deliver unique, clean, hygienic and safe products which make a significant contribution to infection control and prevention throughout the global healthcare system.


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