FeaturedHealth ITLyfe’s Automation Software is Taking the Pain Out of Healthcare Administration

Melbourne-based company Lyfe has developed automation software that is making healthcare administration easier for all.

For years, patients and healthcare providers alike have struggled to juggle the ins and outs of administrative functions, such as scheduling appointments, rescheduling appointments, processing payments online, client-provider messaging, requesting information from insurance companies, and more.

That all changes with Lyfe, a platform where patients are able to book appointments within a few mouse clicks and providers are able to significantly reduce their administrative efforts.

What’s in it for patients?

All of the hours that patients typically spend on the phone with their healthcare providers are all but gone with Lyfe.

After creating a free Lyfe account, the patient is able to use the platform’s simple booking tool to find his or her current providers and even find new providers in the area.

Then, whether it’s a dental checkup, back adjustment, or procedure that is needed, the patient can select an appointment from the provider’s list of openings. After choosing a time slot, Lyfe will confirm the appointment.

The entire process is simple and can be completed in a matter of minute, if not seconds!

And that’s just booking. Through Lyfe, a patient can add and verify payment information, as well as make and schedule payments as needed. The frictionless online point of sale (POS) system can process multiple appointment payments, health claims and tax receipts per second.

With Lyfe, all patient data is kept secure through the use of 256-bit data encryption technology, and it is never shared with third party organizations.

Not only transaction history but also appointment history is available through Lyfe’s patient portal, allowing patients to review all activity in one convenient location.

What’s in it for providers?

To start, Lyfe puts the responsibility of booking appointments back into the patient’s hands. The need for administrative staff to go through calendars and swap potential times with the patient ends and the entire process is left up to the patient.

While patient booking is one of the most notable features of Lyfe’s software, it is far from its sole benefit. In fact, with Lyfe, healthcare providers get access to a full-suite customer relationship management (CRM) system.

Providers are able to post company information, add products and services, maintain the office’s schedule, perform billing and payment processing functions, and even send out patient reminders — whether via text message, email, or another preferred form of communication.

Automating these functions alleviates the pressure typically placed on staff, and frees employees up to handle tasks that require a more human touch.

Of course, Lyfe is also capable of accommodating all personnel, and staff members can be added or removed to the system as needed.

All of these services are available for a reasonable monthly fee. Furthermore, Lyfe also offers a 30-day free trial for the software, so that healthcare providers can try out the application risk-free!

As you can see, this customer relationship management system offers a rare combination of patient and provider convenience. Whether you’re a patient looking to book your next annual checkup or a provider that needs assistance in billing, choose Lyfe. You’ll make healthcare a little easier for everyone involved!

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