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Plastic surgery is growing fast due to the increase in people seeking plastic surgery procedures. The rise in demand has led to intense competition, which necessitates the implementation of effective marketing strategies to secure additional leads. Below is a list of plastic surgery’s best marketing practices to get more leads. Social Media Marketing Social platforms are practical tools that every plastic surgeon needs to use. Research indicates that social media considerably influences an individual’s desire...


Digital marketing is still a young industry, so entrepreneurs are constantly finding new ways to improve their strategies. Unfortunately, many of these firms continue to make the same digital marketing blunders that have a negative influence on their traffic and lead conversion rates. Here are sinful mistakes you should avoid when creating your next digital marketing plan: 1. Not having a plan at all or planning based on ideas that don’t work There’s no better...


TikTok is a rapidly growing application in popularity with more than 500 million active users worldwide. TikTok is rocking more than 150 Markets, and marketers are beginning to understand the advantages of TikTok for promoting their products and services. However, marketers are still trying to make TikTok a perfect tool to enhance their business nature. Lately, many business owners who are not aware of the advantages of TikTok are putting in more effort to know...


While being an excellent physician is enough to make your current patients happy, it does not in itself help to grow a practice. When potential new patients look for healthcare providers, they have a world of options and telling physicians apart is not an easy task. Decisions get made based on what people say, both in person and online. This is where patient feedback and reviews come into play. According to the latest numbers, 72%...

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