Mental HealthHow to Seek Help When Suffering from Mental Ill Health

It is an unfortunate fact that millions of people around the world suffer from poor mental health. Commonly, the pace of modern life and the pressures that are imposed on people through their working lives can lead to an increased likelihood of developing a range of mental health problems.

Poor mental health can severely impact upon your daily life and can lead to other physical health problems occurring if the condition is not managed in an effective and timely manner. Some people tend to suffer in silence when they experience poor mental health. This is partly due to the perceived stigma that surrounds mental health. Men in particular can be far more likely to avoid seeking help with such issues as some view it as a sign of weakness. However, mental health problems can develop into severe issues if they are not adequately managed and treated.

In this article, three different types of problem that can lead to mental health issues are discussed. For each one, there is advice on how to seek help and information on some of the treatments that are available.

Substance abuse

Millions of people from all backgrounds suffer from substance abuse problems at some point during their lifetime. This can include being addicted to illicit drugs, alcohol, or even prescription medications. Over time, a substance abuse addiction can lead to poor mental health and problems with functioning in normal society.

Alcohol misuse is a common addiction and it is estimated that around 28 people a day die from drunk driving in America as a consequence of alcoholism. Substance abuse also impacts on family life and can lead to marital breakdowns and difficulties in sustaining long-term relationships. Thankfully, there are a range of treatment centres for people struggling with substance abuse issues. For people who live in California, it can be beneficial to search online for addiction treatment in Santa Cruz to find suitable facilities that can effectively treat addiction issues.


Depression is one of the most common forms of mental ill health and it is estimated that 3.8% of the global population suffers from this condition. Its effects and symptoms can range in severity from mild to severe, and often it prevents people from living a healthy and happy life.

As with all forms of mental illness, it is important to seek treatment to minimize the impact that depression has on your daily existence. Often, simply talking to a close and sympathetic friend about your problems and concerns can be exceptionally effective in relieving feelings of low mood and anguish. If the depression is moderate or severe in nature, it can be beneficial to speak with a trained counsellor who can use talking therapies such as CBT to allow the root cause of the problem to be identified and suitable treatments to be considered.


Feelings of anxiety are closely linked to problems that relate to depression, although it is possible to suffer from anxiety without being depressed. Common anxieties include fears of social interaction or public speaking. In severe cases, a person may feel anxious about going outside and may even become housebound due to their condition.

As with all mental health issues, it is important to consult with healthcare professionals to receive suitable treatment. Approach your doctor and talk openly about the anxiety you are experiencing. The doctor may be able to prescribe certain medications that can alleviate feelings of anxiety or they may refer you for professional counselling.

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