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If you do an online search for “Thrive Patch,” you’re going to find a number of positive reviews, user best practices, and explanations about how Le-Vel Thrive became a health and wellness giant. But one thing you won’t find is Le-Vel using the term “Thrive Patch” in their official documentation. Why not? Here, we take a closer look at DFT by Le-Vel, and why you shouldn’t call it a Thrive Patch.”

Mention Le-Vel Thrive, and the number-one image that springs into most people’s minds are vibrantly-colored adhesive plasters, displayed proudly on the shoulders, biceps, and forearms of fitness-conscious Thrivers. It’s this kind of brand recognition, coupled with glowing Le-Vel Thrive reviews and positive user experiences that has helped propel Le-Vel Thrive onto the world health-and-wellness stage. Today, Le-Vel has more than 10 million customers and promoters spread across the globe, with more and more joining the revolution every day.

And in case you haven’t already guessed, I’m one of them!

I started my Thrive journey back in 2018 because I wanted to lose a little extra weight and get back a little extra energy — two things that I hadn’t been able to do on my own after my twins were born. Reading up on the program and checking out dedicated Thrivers on social media helped me make up my mind to give the Thrive Experience a try, but what really caught my eye from the very beginning was the “sticker”. I saw a community of people making positive changes to their lives, and on nearly every one of them, was a colorful little plaster.

Seeing these plasters, I did what a lot of people were doing: I started calling them “Thrive patches.” And it wasn’t until recently (three years and about 40 lbs lost later) that I discovered that the actual name for those plasters (Thrive DFT) is more than just fancy marketing talk; it’s a way to describe a new technology that is entirely different from other patches that have been around for decades.

Clear as mud? That’s fine. Let’s take a look at DFT to get a better idea of why it’s not a “Thrive Patch.”

What the Hey Is Thrive DFT?

First things first: DFT stands for Derma Fusion Technology. It’s the proprietary, patented technology that makes the Le-Vel adhesive plaster an essential part of the Le-Vel Thrive Experience

And what is the Le-Vel Thrive experience, you ask? Well, the Le-Vel Thrive Experience is a daily, three-phase lifestyle plan that incorporates personalized health goals, fitness plans, and nutritional supplementation.

The idea behind the Thrive Experience is that most of us aren’t getting the nutrition we need to reach our best health. In fact, in a 2017 study, it was found that approximately a third of Americans (31%) are currently at risk of at least one kind of vitamin deficiency or anemia. Of course, if just popping a couple of Flintstones Chewables were all that it took to get healthy, then my 2018 self never would have had any reason to wonder about “Thrive Patches” to begin with. That’s why Thrive Experience products also include other beneficial, natural ingredients in addition to essential vitamins and minerals, and are designed to work in tandem and to supplement other healthy lifestyle habits.

The Thrive DFT is the third step in the daily Thrive Experience, after taking two capsules (called Premium Lifestyle Capsules; available in formulas for men or women) first thing in the morning, and then following the capsules up about twenty minutes later with a health shake (Thrive Premium Lifestyle Shake Mix).

Once the other two steps are behind you, it’s time for the DFT. Users simply apply the DFT to a dry, clean, and lean patch of skin (you’re going to get a better experience when you put it on a shoulder or bicep), and leave it there for 24 hours. Why? Because the derma fusion technology is a unique nutritional delivery system that infuses the skin with Le-Vel’s special lifestyle formula. After 24 hours, you remove the DFT and replace it with another (preferably switching up where on your body you stick it, so as to get best results).

Thrive DFT uses a proprietary formula made from aloe vera, CoQ10, ForsLean, garcinia cambogia, green coffee bean extract, white willow bark, and other natural ingredients. In other words, it’s giving you the right amounts of the right nutrients, and ensuring that they’re available for your body to use right when it needs them.

That’s the promise of Thrive DFT. And that’s why I’ve stopped calling it a “Thrive Patch.”

More than Just a Patch

If you’re getting into the Thrive Experience and you want to call Thrive DFT a “Thrive Patch,” then that’s your choice. After all, it sticks to your skin, right? But the truth is that DFT is as much of a patch as a Tesla is a horseless carriage.

DFT is not built on the same technologies as traditional patches. It’s something new, and that means it’s important to recognize that it isn’t a patch. But even more important than that is recognizing what Thrive DFT can do for you. When combined with the other steps in the Thrive Experience (along with a healthy dose of accountability, goal setting, and commitment), Thrive DFT can help you lose weight, develop muscle, improve your cognitive responses, and just generally feel better. Take it from an old Thriver: DFT is truly something special. And that makes it more than just a “Thrive Patch.”

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