Covid-19Supporting the Disabled Community Through the End of COVID

While it’s not over yet, it’s believed that the global pandemic could soon be nearing its end. Although it’s been a challenging ride for many, those living with disabilities have experienced a vulnerable, disruptive time due to increased infection risk.

However, there are important ways that we can see disabled individuals through to a safer, healthier and more accessible future.

Increasing access to essential supplies

With reduced in-home aid, accessing essential supplies is harder for people in the disabled community. Restrictions at supermarkets, and trying to navigate online shopping, have also made it difficult to stock up on necessary supplies.

By making services more widely accessible, it will be easier for the disabled to find medicine, food and other essentials.

Prioritising vaccine assistance

While vaccines spots have opened up now, this can be tricky to navigate for people living with disabilities. Although ample information is supplied via the government health website, people with intellectual disabilities often require assistance in making an informed decision and finding the right disability support in Melbourne.

Eligibility is only one part of the process. As many appointment booking systems are online, this can be a barrier for many to navigate. Greater accessibility in this area is needed – along with wheelchair-friendly sites and shorter wait lines.

Providing sustainable guidance and education

Once vaccinated, we all want to know what we can do safely and responsibly. However, what may be safe for the everyday individual won’t necessarily be as safe for those with chronic illness or specific disabilities, who may still be at risk.

Information provided is often vague, and questions aren’t being answered. The disabled community, along with their service providers, need better access to information in order to make decisions so they can go about their lives.

Investing in more sustainable education and guidance on where to get help is one step forward towards clearer understanding and public safety.

Supporting mental health

Whether you’re living with a disability or not, the global pandemic has impacted mental health and wellbeing on a large scale. Many within the community are faced with loneliness and feel anxious about the pandemic.

Providing reassurance, mental health services and creative ways for social interactions are a step forward in helping combat loneliness and anxiety. This is a key way to provide better disability support in Melbourne.

Creating greater visibility moving forward

While getting to the end of this pandemic may sometimes seem overwhelming and almost impossible, it’s considerably worse for people living with disabilities, especially when their needs are not being made visible to the greater community.

It’s not too late to make changes. We can improve assistance for people with a disability by opening conversations and using disability support in Melbourne as a way forward.

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