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Have you ever wondered how the food you consume is digested and able to provide you with so much energy? Or perhaps make you feel more sluggish than before? The digestion of food is both a chemical and mechanical process that draws the nutrients and energy out of the food you consume. Often times this is a long process, sometimes reaching up to 40 hours from initial consumption to traverse through the colon. This process...


During your next grocery run, you may notice changes to the Nutrition Facts label on packaged foods. The Food and Drug Administration issued new regulations for the Nutrition Facts label to reflect updated scientific information about what constitutes a healthy diet. The new label will be required on all packaged foods made in the U.S. and imported. Here are several changes that are being implemented this year in regard to the Nutrition Facts label. The...


Have you ever experienced an overwhelming amount of stress or exhaustion from work? You wouldn’t be the only one. These extreme feelings are often referred to as burnout, which is categorized by a decrease in emotional, physical, and psychological energy as a result of work-related stress. This is a problem employees face in all industries but is particularly trying to those in demanding professions such as healthcare. How can you tell if an employee is...


In this infographic created by the dental team at Hawkins Family Dental, we embrace seven unique and effective oral hygiene hacks that are designed to promote a healthier mouth and a brighter smile. Considerations like teeth grinder, mouthwash, the types of food we eat, and using a tongue scraper are impactful yet often overlooked. While brushing and flossing are routine practices for optimal oral health, it’s important that we look beyond just the teeth and gums....

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