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While we consider medical and health items sterile as they come right off the production line, they can actually come into contact with many contaminants. To ensure that the final product is safe to use, a number of hygiene measures must be followed. One very important step in the medical device industry is bioburden testing. Below is a brief overview, by Technical Safety Services, of what this assessment entails and why it is a key...


Benzodiazepine addiction is relatively common, particularly among individuals who have chronic pain conditions. It is estimated that between 1-20% of people with chronic pain become addicted to benzodiazepines. In addition, approximately 3-10% of people without a chronic pain condition also develop a dependence on the drug. It is important to note that benzodiazepine addiction can happen quickly and often for those not using the drug as prescribed or for recreational purposes. Signs of addiction include...


The opioid epidemic in Illinois is a serious and ongoing public health crisis. Misuse of opioids has caused thousands of overdoses, deaths, and associated public health consequences such as drug addiction and increased rates of infectious diseases. In 2020 alone, 2,944 overdose fatalities occurred in Illinois – that’s an average of 8 residents per day! The highest number of opioid-related deaths occurred among non-Hispanic white individuals (1,530), while the highest fatality rate was among non-Hispanic...


Have you ever wondered how the food you consume is digested and able to provide you with so much energy? Or perhaps make you feel more sluggish than before? The digestion of food is both a chemical and mechanical process that draws the nutrients and energy out of the food you consume. Often times this is a long process, sometimes reaching up to 40 hours from initial consumption to traverse through the colon. This process...

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