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When you think of your healthiest self and what you can do to achieve it, you probably think a lot about wellness. Achieving wellness, essentially means you pursue certain lifestyle choices and activities that lead you to a state of holistic health. One of the things that can help you to achieve optimal wellness is vagus nerve stimulation. Particularly when you have the best vagus nerve stimulation device on your side!

Let’s talk a little bit more about what vagus nerve stimulation (VNS) is, how you can find the best vagus nerve stimulation device, and some of the ways VNS can help you achieve optimal wellness.

What is Vagus Nerve Stimulation?

To break it down for you, vagus nerve stimulation is the act of delivering electrical impulses to the vagus nerve. Also known as the longest cranial nerve that connects all the way from your brain to your chest, abdomen, and neck. This nerve controls tons of different functions in the body including things like your digestion and respiratory rate.

As pulses are transferred to the vagus nerve, your parasympathetic nervous system kicks in. This helps to slow your heart rate and breathing. Particularly in moments where you might feel extra stressed or tense. Ultimately you feel a lot more relaxed and at ease and can become totally in control of your ability to relax.

The Best Vagus Nerve Stimulation Device

There are a few ways to stimulate the vagus nerve, and one of them just so happens to be with the use of technology. The best vagus nerve stimulation device will allow for you to use it everywhere and anywhere and won’t be invasive.

You will want to be able to calm your stress at the time it happens so convenience should definitely be a top priority when it comes to choosing a device. Make it a part of your wellness routine and you’ll be able to boost your mood as both your mind and body become restored.

Ways to Stimulate the Vagus Nerve for Optimal Wellness

Like we mentioned, there are few ways to stimulate the vagus nerve. Many of these can be added to your daily routine seamlessly.


If you’re stressed and not exercising, now may be the time to add it into your routine! As you move your body while you’re working out it can have a major effect on your vagus nerve. Interval and endurance training specifically have been known to improve your heart rate variability. They can also increase vagus nerve activity which will help you to feel a lot calmer in your daily life.

This influence on the vagus nerve also means you can handle stressful situations that get thrown your way more easily. Exercise will lower sympathetic nervous activity and help you to maintain a better balance as you control your parasympathetic response. Don’t miss out on exercise!


Some people skip meditation, but it’s actually something that can be an incredible healthy practice – for a few reasons.

When you meditate, it’s common to focus on taking deep breaths which helps to slow down your heart rate. Breathing practices can also be super effective in helping to stimulate the vagus nerve.

As your heart rate slows, you’re better able to regulate the autonomic nervous system. This leads to lower cortisol levels as well which is a stress hormone.

Yoga is a similar practice that is known to help in many of the same ways! You might even try adding a bit of both to your weekly routine so see how they influence your stress.


Can massage really have an effect on your vagus nerve? You bet it can! Massage is something that’s great to add to your schedule and is sure to contribute to your wellness overall.

When you get a massage, it can end up decreasing your blood pressure and even increasing your vagal tone. Not to mention the fact that massages are simply relaxing all on their own!

If you can’t go somewhere for a massage, try finding ways to incorporate it into your routine at home. You might get a tennis ball and try rolling out your feet and legs, or giving yourself a nice little foot massage. Anything you can do will help to stimulate the vagus nerve and be that much closer to achieving optimal wellness!

Immersing yourself in cold water

While it might not sound like the most pleasant thing you’ve ever heard of, immersing yourself in cold water is a great way to stimulate the vagus nerve! Cold-water immersion can help you to feel relaxed in the short term and is certainly a way to wake yourself up if you’re feeling groggy.

Like many other vagus nerve stimulation methods, it helps to slow your heart rate. It also helps to direct blood flow to your brain. You might try to find a cold pool to dunk yourself in. Easy ways to immerse yourself in cold water at home include grabbing an ice pack and placing it on your neck or forehead, or simply jumping in a nice, cold shower.

Singing along to music

The power of music is truly incredible. It can help you to feel happy or sad, or even nostalgic. Not only that, it’s possible that listening to music can have an effect on the vagus nerve.

Why? Because the vagus nerve is connected to your vocal cords which means that singing and humming can help simulate it. So, turning on one of your favorite songs will not only make you feel great, it can potentially influence the vagus nerve as you sing along. You’ll feel a sense of joy and also a big sense of relaxation.

We hope this has been helpful as you begin to discover vagus nerve stimulation as a way to achieve optimal wellness. Take things slow and give yourself time to see what method works best for you. While achieving optimal wellness might not be something that happens overnight, it’s always a journey that’s worth taking!

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