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If you want to burn more fat with the Intermittent Fasting diet, then I’ll help you achieve this. This is the eating system that allowed me to lose over 40 pounds, and get down to a ripped, chiselled 10% body fat.

Now of course, this should be combined with the right exercises, a good sleep routine and some good supplements too. If you manage to get all the variables on point, you’ll be on a path to serious long-term health and looking like a fitness model.

But first, a little more background information.

What Is The Intermittent Fasting Diet?

The easiest way to put it, is that you’re spending more time in a fasted state, and you’re spending less time eating.

The most popular way to achieve this, is through the Intermittent Fasting 16/8 schedule, where you skip breakfast, and then eat lunch and dinner. But there’s many ways you can do this, and the best time restricted eating method will be the one that works best for you.

Some other methods include 20/4 fasting, OMAD (one meal a day), extended fasting (a 72 hour fast or longer), and alternate day fasting. ALL work, but some will work better than others for you personally.

With that said, for the rest of this article I’m going to assume that you’re fasting to some extent. These five tips will:

  1. A) Make the fasting experience far easier, and therefore will be more long-term effective.
  2. B) Make the ‘feasting experience’ more effective, using less calories.

BOTH factors mean that you will burn more fat and improve your physique & health. Let’s get into them.

1. Drink Black Coffee

This is the number one way to make your fasting period more enjoyable, and I really recommend this during the morning (assuming you’re skipping breakfast).

You’ll experience a higher metabolism, and a lower appetite, which is a lethal fat-blasting combination.

And if you don’t like black coffee, feel free to replace this with herbal teas, green tea or even sparkling water, which can be really effective for filling you up.

The trick is to use these tools to make your fasting period easier to endure and extend, because this is where the real fat burning occurs, and it sets you up for the rest of the day.

2. Stay Active

Continuing along the theme of making fasting easier, staying active during your fasting period is an absolute game-changer.

Whether you’re working on a new exciting career goal, or you’re travelling, or getting involved in new projects to improve other areas of your life, ALL of this will help to steer your focus away from food, and towards something more productive.

This is the key to improving your life in general AND burning fat more effectively. Best of both worlds.

But make sure you schedule this ‘active time’ into your calendar, and make sure you’re out of the house during this period, AND you have the logistics for #1 to be implemented too.

3. Eat More Fatty Fish

Moving towards the ‘feasting period’ advice, fatty fish is so critical because it covers so many of your baselines – lower inflammation, hormonal health, essential fats, and protein.

All of this means that you’ll burn more fat both now, and over the long-term.

Improved hormonal health and increased testosterone will assist a higher metabolism, which makes your fat loss journey far easier, as the ‘calories out’ side of things improves.

Speaking of testosterone, this study noted a 180% increase from Intermittent Fasting alone, so if you combine fasting with fatty fish like salmon or mackerel, then you really are onto a winner.

4. Eat More Leafy Greens

These veggies are absolutely packed with fiber, which is one of the key components of becoming full during your ‘feasting period’. No more hunger, no more suffering through low calorie diets.

Foods like broccoli and kale will keep you fuller for longer, thus allowing you to easily burn more fat.

What’s more?

There’s barely ANY calories in these foods. You really do have nothing to lose by chucking these into the pan along side your salmon (or other fish).

5. Get More Vitamin D3

Vitamin D3 is critical for hormonal balance, testosterone, and general health. Unfortunately, up to 50% of the global population may be vitamin D deficient, which arguably is a result of the modern-day lifestyle.

In terms of its role in fat loss, there have been studies that show a vitamin D supplement increases fat loss assuming you’re already in a calorie deficit. So assuming you’re already following a solid Intermittent Fasting diet, vitamin D may well boost your fat loss results.

The best way to get more vitamin D by far, is through natural sunlight (just make sure you don’t get too much all in one go – take your time). THEN a spray (into your mouth), and THEN finally, pills.

1000-5000 IU’s per day is the ‘safe amount’, and it’s not recommended that you go over this.

Intermittent Fasting Diet: A Summary

I hope this has inspired you and given you some ideas for increasing the effectiveness of both your fasting period AND your eating window.

It’s important to spend more time without food so that you lower insulin levels, inflammation levels, and your body fat %. But what you eat during your condensed eating window is absolutely critical too.

If you’d like to get more fat loss information, feel free to read my entire Ultimate Guide To The Intermittent Fasting Diet.

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