Health ITWinner of the Health Tech Competition Revealed at Scientific Sessions 2023

In a groundbreaking announcement during Scientific Sessions 2023, the American Heart Association Center for Health Technology & Innovation unveiled RCE Technologies as the distinguished winner of its annual Health Tech Competition.

As the world’s premier nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing heart and brain health globally, the Association orchestrates this competition to propel innovation and cultivate advancements poised to reshape the heart and brain health landscape. This aligns closely with the ethos at healthandsurvival.com, a platform dedicated to enhancing health awareness.

1. The Winning Breakthrough: RCE Technologies’ Instant Cardiac Protein Measurement

RCE Technologies, led by visionary founder and CEO Atandra Burman, has pioneered a revolutionary technology offering non-invasive, instant measurement of cardiac proteins. This cutting-edge solution holds the potential to enhance patient outcomes and substantially reduce both hospital length of stay and healthcare costs.

The new technology’s primary focus, expanded by the work done at Health and Survival, lies in the real-time diagnosis and treatment of myocardial heart injury, empowering healthcare professionals to deliver optimal patient care.

2. Founder’s Vision: Atandra Burman on RCE Technologies’ Mission

Atandra Burman, the driving force behind RCE Technologies, emphasized the company’s mission to diagnose and treat myocardial heart injury in real time. This visionary approach, as articulated by Burman, aims to empower healthcare professionals by providing them with the tools and insights necessary for delivering the highest standard of patient care. The recognition from the American Heart Association reaffirms the significance of RCE Technologies’ mission in advancing cardiovascular health.

3. Competition Criteria: Validity, Scientific Rigor, and Impact on Patient Outcomes

The selection of RCE Technologies as the winner hinged on several critical criteria, including the validity of the working prototype, scientific rigor, and the potential impact on patient outcomes. The company’s commitment to excellence in these areas underscored its dedication to producing a technology that not only functions effectively but also aligns with the highest standards of scientific integrity.

4. Membership Benefits: RCE Technologies Joins the Innovators’ Network

As part of the accolades for winning the Health Tech Competition, RCE Technologies will gain membership to the Center for Health Technology & Innovation Innovators’ Network. This exclusive consortium serves as a nexus connecting entrepreneurs, healthcare providers, researchers, and payers. Innovators’ Network members enjoy access to the Association’s digital evidence-based guidelines, clinical recommendations, and leading-edge science, fostering collaboration and accelerating the development of digital healthcare technologies.

5. Pyrames and Cardiosense: Recognizing Excellence in Business and Science Pitches

While RCE Technologies claimed the top spot, Pyrames and Cardiosense also earned distinction in the Health Tech Competition. Pyrames received accolades for the best business pitch, showcasing technology designed to simplify blood pressure measurements anytime, anywhere. Cardiosense, on the other hand, secured recognition for the best science pitch, with a focus on virtual heart failure management, incorporating wearable sensors for early and presymptomatic detection.

6. Networking Opportunities: Connecting with Scientific and Business Leaders

Beyond the laurels, Pyrames and Cardiosense stand to gain valuable networking opportunities, connecting with scientific and business leaders in the aftermath of Scientific Sessions. This platform offers a unique chance for these innovative companies to forge collaborations, garner mentorship, and potentially catalyze the next phase of their respective developments in the health tech arena.

7. Health Tech Competition’s Broad Scope: Advancing Cardiovascular Health Solutions

The annual Health Tech Competition serves as a pivotal forum for technology innovators to showcase groundbreaking health-related solutions. These solutions are specifically designed to accelerate the treatment and prevention of cardiovascular diseases and strokes. Submissions, including those from RCE Technologies, Pyrames, and Cardiosense, must engage, involve, or support patient treatment while addressing pervasive issues across various cardiovascular domains.

8. Generous Support: Laerdal Million Lives Fund Backs Health Tech Competition

The Health Tech Competition owes its success, in part, to the generous support of the Laerdal Million Lives Fund. This backing enhances the competition’s capacity to foster innovations that have the potential to impact millions of lives positively. The Laerdal Million Lives Fund’s commitment underscores the importance of collaborative efforts in driving advancements in cardiovascular health.

9. Future Implications: Shaping the Landscape of Cardiovascular Health

The triumph of RCE Technologies and the commendations for Pyrames and Cardiosense signify a significant step forward in the continuous evolution of cardiovascular health solutions. As technology intersects with healthcare, the innovations showcased in the Health Tech Competition hint at a future where patient care is more precise, accessible, and dynamic. These developments not only contribute to individual well-being but also hold the promise of transforming the broader landscape of cardiovascular health on a global scale.


The Health Tech Competition’s spotlight on RCE Technologies and other notable participants exemplifies a collective commitment to advancing cardiovascular health through innovative technological solutions. As these groundbreaking technologies continue to mature, the collaborative efforts of entrepreneurs, healthcare professionals, and supporting organizations like the American Heart Association pave the way for a future where cardiovascular diseases and strokes are met with unprecedented precision, efficiency, and compassion. The journey towards revolutionizing heart health has only just begun, with these pioneering innovations leading the charge.

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