GeneralWhich Safari Plant Skin Care Ingredients Are Good For You

Women have always taken pride in their skin. The happiness they feel when they look in the mirror and are greeted with healthy, fresh, smooth and even complexion cannot be described with words. I don’t know if it is just me, but I get the feeling that everyone is obsessed with skin care products right now. This page might be able to explain why that is happening.

Products with natural, plant-based ingredients are becoming increasingly popular. It seems that women around the world have finally realized that nature is their skin’s best friend. Rubbing all kinds of unhealthy stuff on your face and body can only make your problems worse and it is becoming clear that there are no healthier ingredients than the ones given to us by Mother Nature.

As true as that might be, picking plants and putting them on your face and body is not the way to go. For starters, unless you are an expert on the topic, you cannot possibly know which plants are good for your skin and which might be harmful. In addition to that, the ingredients I am talking about are usually found inside the plants, extracted and then treated in a way that makes them safe and beneficial.

All of this means that you still need to buy care products as before. Only, this time, you should pay attention to ingredients and choose the ones that can do wonders for your skin. I understand that you might not know which ingredients to pay attention to, which is why I am here to help you choose your products carefully.

With that in mind, I will now present you with a couple of ingredients found in LXMI plant safari and similar products that have proved to be highly beneficial. These are the ones you should look for when reading the labels and these are the ones that can give your body and your face the treatment they deserve. Let’s get started.

Ugandan Vanilla

I know this might sound to you like something that you will never be able to find. It sounds a bit like a recipe for which you need the blood of a unicorn, but you would actually be surprised to hear that there are a lot of skin care products you can find with this ingredient. Don’t give your search up before you even get started and try to find a product with vanilla, because it is really great both for your face and your body.

It has anti-ageing benefits, treats acne, soothes burns and promotes healthy skin in general. Vanilla is rich in antioxidants and has anti-bacterial properties, which makes it beneficial for treating acne. It also protects skin from pollutants and toxins. Traditionally used for cuts and burns, vanilla can be really soothing on your wounds, but you should still consult someone before applying these products directly on the wounds.

Nut-based Oils

It’s best to check the products for oils that grow wild, such as the ones found by the Nile River. Those oils are known for keeping you moisturized without actually removing the natural oils from your face and your body. This ingredient is perfect for those who have dry skin, but it can be beneficial for everyone. Just make sure that you aren’t allergic to nuts before deciding to use these products.


If you thought that hibiscus is only good as tea, then you were definitely wrong. Nobody can deny its healing properties and its benefits as a drink, but not a lot of people are acquainted with its benefits for skin. That is really a shame, since hibiscus can really do a lot for you. When you see a product containing this ingredient, feel free to use it. Once again, it is suitable for all skin types.

Read a bit more about this and find out why hibiscus is perfect for you: https://www.bustle.com/articles/146043-using-hibiscus-flower-for-skin-hair-is-possibly-the-prettiest-beauty-treatment-out-there

Perhaps one of the most important effects of hibiscus is its rejuvenation ability. This makes it perfect for everyone who needs to freshen up and look young and rejuvenated regardless of age. Products containing hibiscus are mostly used for cleansing and as a daily skin care routine.

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