Mental HealthTop Reasons to Seek Counseling Services in Brentwood

Are you living through a period of a life transition? Have you recently experienced trauma? Such moments cause tremendous stress, sadness, and negative feelings in individuals. The inability to cope with life issues, depression, or marriage concerns leads to even more serious problems like addiction and suicidal behavior.

Instead of becoming socially isolated, overly anxious, or addicted to drugs and alcohol, one is advised to seek counseling services. There is a myriad of top-rated Brentwood counseling experts, providing individual counseling and group therapy.

Have a look at the top reasons for seeking such assistance.

Going through a life transition

Every person has to face certain periods of transition at some point in his/her life, such as starting a new career, moving to another country, getting married, acquiring the role of a parent, entering adulthood, adopting a child, or becoming a retiree. These transitions are usually accompanied by stress since people are forced to make vital decisions, which require careful consideration.

Nevertheless, counseling can be of tremendous assistance during such life-changing periods, given most people could definitely use guidance. Counselors in Brentwood provide support and encouragement throughout the entire journey, helping clients get a grasp on their emotions and confusing thoughts. Some individuals seek counseling services prior to the transition in order to be better prepared for the life-altering experience, while others require assistance in the course of the transition to handle stress more successfully.

Surprising mood swings

Experiencing unexpected mood alterations is a rational reason for residents of Brentwood to schedule a counseling session. Even though it’s natural for people to occasionally go through moments of sadness, sudden changes in mood are worth paying attention to. Unexpected mood swings are considered a common symptom of mental health issues, which require proper treatment to prevent them from getting worse.

For instance, acquiring a negative mood that persists for weeks or months might be a sign of depression. Conversely, experiencing moments of elation followed by episodes of desolation may indicate a person suffers from bipolar disorder. Make sure you click here to learn everything you need to know about bipolar disorder.

Anyhow, by confiding your negative thoughts and feeling to a counselor, he/she will be able to evaluate your mental health and suggest psychiatric care if necessary. Counseling sessions are indeed helpful to people who wish to find the root of their unhappiness in order to overcome this feeling and go on with their lives.

Challenging life events

Counseling is absolutely beneficial when coping with tough life events, which cause profound sadness, stress, or trauma in individuals. People often turn to counselors for assistance after the death of a family member, spouse, or another person they loved deeply. Dealing with grief seems impossible for most individuals after experiencing such a tragic event, but counseling sessions have proven to assist people in handling their loss.

In the event of losing a loving member of your family, family therapy can help you and your loved ones cope with the loss by staying united. Conversely, individual therapy is designed to assist people who have recently lost their jobs, been abused, or became addicted to drugs or alcohol. Also, individual therapy is necessary for individuals diagnosed with a serious medical condition such as cancer. The support provided by counselors is crucial for the acceptance of failure, overcoming trauma, and learning to live with a life-threatening disease.

Furthermore, couples going through tough times in their marriage would benefit from marriage counseling. These sessions aim to improve communication between partners, heal emotional wounds, restore trust in spouses, eliminate insecurities, and help married couples recover from betrayal.


Although isolation can have a refreshing feeling at times, it isn’t healthy when practiced for longer periods. It’s in the nature of humans to socialize with others in order to seek support, receive encouragement, as well as share their happiness and worries. Therefore, being unwilling to see your beloved friends and family members is a valid reason to visit a Brentwood counselor. See the following link, https://www.wikihow.com/Prevent-Feelings-of-Isolation-and-Loneliness, for some useful tips about preventing feelings of isolation and loneliness.

Additionally, isolation is accompanied by a loss of motivation to engage in your favorite activities, such as going to yoga classes, going book shopping, spending Sundays in the park with friends, etc. Once you start making excuses in order to avoid doing these activities, it’s time to have a consultation with a counselor. These advisors assist clients in uncovering the cause of isolation so as to overcome social distancing and engage in social activities once again.


One of the most valid reasons for individuals to seek counseling assistance is coping with addiction. Many people show weakness when dealing with tough life problems, hence using drugs or alcohol to put their troubles aside and enjoy the relief provided by these substances. It doesn’t take long for addiction to take control of one’s life and have a drastic effect on his/her carrier, marriage, and family life.

Counselors provide assistance to clients facing drug, alcohol, gambling, or internet addiction by finding the core reason for their addiction. Besides individual sessions, these advisors offer group therapies for clients to share their addiction problems with other people facing the same issues. It’s sometimes easier for addicts to discuss their situation with people going through the same temptations and disappointment.

Having intrusive thoughts

Having suicidal or self-harming thoughts requires an urgent visit to the counselor. Depression is the root of suicidal behavior, occurring after a long period of feeling hopeless and worthless.

In such moments, professional guidance and support are crucial for preventing fatal consequences. Counselors use therapy to minimize the negative thoughts in clients or recommend psychiatric care to serious cases. The aim of these sessions is for clients to restore their self-worth and find a worthwhile reason to keep living.

Final thoughts

When feeling unable to face the worries and stress of everyday life, make sure you find a trustworthy counselor.

You’ll receive the support you desperately need!

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