GeneralTop 5 Ways To Increase Engine Performance

Getting the most out of your vehicle means making some changes that allow it to exceed the limitations of its OEM part designs. If you are primarily interested in engine performance and not changes to handling or stopping power, there are five important upgrades you can make to add power, decrease acceleration time, and make your transmission more responsive.

1. Install a Cold Air Intake

Upgraded Vortec intake manifold designs allow for more airflow into the engine, but to really get the most out of every cycle, you need to combine that upgrade with a full cold air system. Cooler air has more actual oxygen than the same volume of warm air, so pulling your intake air from outside the engine compartment goes a long way toward getting the most out of your Edelbrock intake for Vortec heads.

2. Performance Exhaust Systems

Increasing the air coming into the engine allows for more fuel to be used more quickly, and that in turn lets the engine cycle faster and put out more power. All this only works if you can get rid of the exhaust fumes and set off the reaction for another cycle. That means getting the most out of your intake upgrade usually involves a second round of upgrades to the exhaust. Performance exhaust systems can help otherwise stock engines reach their full power potential, but combined with an intake upgrade they can bring your performance even further.

3. Throttle Body or Injector Upgrades

So more air is moving through the engine, then that means more fuel is needed to run the next cycle if you’re going to make the most of it. If you’re sensing a pattern here, that’s good, because your engine upgrades all work together. Upgrading to a throttle body or performance fuel injector setup means delivering more fuel more quickly, to match the increased performance of your intake and exhaust. The three go together well enough that most people upgrading for engine performance do them all, but they can be done in any order.

4. Add a Turbocharger

Turbocharger upgrades are definitely an advanced upgrade to make, and most car owners rely on professional installation. That being said, it’s definitely one of the best ways to make sure you are getting the absolute top end for acceleration, torque, and top speed. Turbochargers essentially work by compressing more air into the engine cylinder. For even more performance enhancement, you can choose a supercharger instead. Either way, it’s an expensive upgrade and a necessary one for the most competitive drivers.

5. A Better Torque Converter

If you drive a manual, you probably already know about transmission upgrades and how they help you get more out of the engine. For those with an automatic, the key is often an upgraded torque converter to make those shifts seamlessly, with less lag and less loss of power in the transfer. The result is a more responsive and efficient engine at practically any speed. To learn more, check out the specs for different 4l80e converter options today and see for yourself.

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