GeneralThe Key Health Benefits of Using Massage Tools

Are you suffering from both physical and mental stress? The effects of stress on one’s body are considered to be detrimental, both for the physical and emotional health of individuals.

Nevertheless, physiotherapy has proven to be absolutely beneficial in reducing physical strain, loosening tight muscles, improving circulation and breathing, saving one’s posture, ensuring proper digestion, and enhancing one’s immune system.

Using massage tools on a daily basis will soon enough result in reduced stress, better mood, and improved wellbeing. The assortment of such tools in the market is rather extensive, differing in shape, size, and function.

Massage chairs are still believed to be the most effective tools in providing full-body relaxation in users. You can check out this buyer guides on Massage Chair Hero or other buyer guides available online that can on choosing the most suitable massage chair for your requirements.

Take a look at the key benefits of using such tools:

Enhanced mood

One of the most incredible benefits of using massage tools is promoting positive mood in individuals, owing to their calming and comforting effects. For instance, massage chairs use a combination of rollers, hot air, and compression to minimize the inevitable feeling of stress and anxiety, thus improving one’s mood. There’s nothing more pleasurable than sitting in such a chair after going through a nerve-racking day at work, feeling how the stress leaves your body.

Additionally, these chairs are believed to stimulate the production of dopamine and serotonin, both of which are known as the feel-good hormones. In the meantime, the secretion of cortisol is substantially minimized, referring to the hormone that induces stress. Consequently, you’ll forget about your everyday troubles at least while using these relaxing tools.

Moreover, massage is considered more beneficial than medications in the fight with stress and anxious behavior. Instead of splurging money on costly medications, which are likely to induce side effects, physiotherapy is known to be a more affordable and effective treatment for anxiety.

No sore muscles

Sore muscles are incredibly common among individuals, caused by intense workouts, playing sports, or spending the entire workday sitting or standing. Since muscles are interconnected, it’s often difficult for people to identify the exact source of pain. Muscular pain is triggered by lactic acid when built up around the tissue. The accumulation of lactic acid can be prevented only by massaging the affected areas in order to improve blood circulation. Click here to learn some useful ways of removing lactic acid in the muscles.

Furthermore, massage chairs are known to relieve muscle tension by improving blood circulation and getting rid of lactic acid. The models equipped with a heating feature are considered even more beneficial in loosening tight muscles. Also, the variety of wooden and electric massage tools provide pain relief, owing to their ability to improve blood flow and increase the supply of oxygen to muscle tissues.

Improved circulation

Normal blood circulation is essential for one’s wellbeing, as it directly affects the cardiovascular health and energy levels in individuals. Most of the massage chairs are equipped with a zero-gravity position technique, which is believed to reduce the tension on the heart and increase the oxygen amount that travels to the limbs.

In addition, improved circulation prevents potential cardiovascular issues, such as hypertension, arrhythmia, blood clots, and other health problems. The prevention of these issues protects individuals from experiencing severe heart problems like heart failure, strokes, or heart attacks. Also, the increased oxygen flow to the limbs is crucial for the optimal performance of the organs and increased energy levels.

Improved breathing

Another amazing benefit of using massage tools is improving one’s lung capacity, which is determined by the effect everyday life has on the body. When the intercostal muscles, located between the ribs, start contracting the chest cavity, the lungs have no other option but to also contract in size in order to fit in the size of the cavity. The following link,, explains how the lungs work.

Such contraction of the intercostal muscles is most commonly triggered by improper posture. As a result, the body is forced to take short breaths, hence decreasing lung capacity. However, the use of massage tools, particularly massage chairs, is thought to improve the process of respiration. The power of physiotherapy helps the intercostal muscles relax, which in turn restores the size of one’s lungs. Once the lungs are back to their optimal size and position in the chest cavity, breathing goes back to normal as well.

Better posture

People working office jobs are at tremendous risk of developing improper posture, due to the unhealthy amount of pressure on their spine from not changing their body position for hours. Consequently, these individuals experience stiff neck, lower back pain, pain in their shoulders, bent spine, and a myriad of other bad posture symptoms.

Nevertheless, massage tools are believed to do wonders for one’s posture, providing the necessary relaxation. For instance, massage chairs perform a 3D body scan once a person takes a seat in order to locate the most problematic areas. These devices expand the lower back muscles, increase circulation, and restore the spine to its optimal shape. It’s the right treatment office workers need after coming home from a fatiguing day at work.

Improved digestion

Another often neglected benefit of using massage tools is improving one’s digestive health. Muscle relaxation is vital for enhancing the functionality of all body organs, including the ones for digestion. Once the digestive organs function optimally, the body is automatically more capable of processing food.

Moreover, proper digestion is essential for optimal food processing, which ensures nutrients reach every vital part of the body. Consequently, the risk of experiencing constipation, internal infections, and gases would be minimized. Therefore, individuals are strongly advised to enjoy the benefits of a relaxing massage a couple of hours after having a meal.

Strong immune system

The immune system is of vital importance for fighting viruses and bacteria, which are easily spread from the interaction with other people. In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, there’s nothing more important than preserving the overall health, directly affected by the function of the immune system.

Nevertheless, massage tools are capable of improving the strength of one’s immune system by improving circulation and heart function. When the blood circulates throughout the body optimally, it makes sure all bacteria and toxins are removed from the system. Also, the positive effect that physiotherapy has on stress and sleep quality plays a major role in enhancing one’s immunity.


Physiotherapy is more powerful than medications.

It’s the key to optimal physical and mental health!

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