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Tricorder.ZeroTM represents the market’s first-ever all-in-one, portable, 7-sensor health & fitness tracker. This groundbreaking device — soon to launch its crowdfunding campaign — will enable you to keep tabs on more thorough holistic data than ever before.

The best part? It will be able to fit seamlessly and comfortably in your pocket to go wherever you go.

Despite its small size, Tricorder.ZeroTM will feature seven highly accurate sensors and a function for medication monitoring, including:

  • Otoscope
  • High-Magnification Camera (for the skin and outer eye)
  • Touchless Infrared Thermometer
  • Pulse Oximeter
  • Stethoscope
  • EKG
  • Body Fat/Muscle Tone Sensor

Tricorder.ZeroTM will also have the ability to submit your data to a health professional or fitness trainer when you feel the need for expert advice.

Tricorder.ZeroTM is poised to put improved health monitoring at your fingertips

As anyone who has attempted to maintain an accurate health log can attest, the task isn’t an easy one. It requires lugging around a plethora of cumbersome gadgets, making sure you have batteries ready for all of them, and having to acquaint yourself with each machine’s unique software and user interface.

By contrast, Tricorder.ZeroTM will soon allow you to keep tabs on your health and fitness levels, whenever and wherever you like, with the first truly portable 7-sensor health and fitness tracker. Combining seven precise sensors in one user-friendly, compact device will prove to challenge the status quo of conventional fitness monitors, all while allowing you to keep track of your health and fitness — no matter where you are or plan to be.

Tricorder.ZeroTM taps into the new era of telehealth and telefitness

Gone are the days of waiting six months for an appointment with your primary physician and sitting an hour or more in a crowded waiting room. In recent years, the rise of on-demand healthcare services has finally caught up with the needs of a fast-paced society.

When it comes to medical attention, you still need professional advice, but you no longer need to take time out of your busy schedule. That’s because Tricorder.ZeroTM will enable you to avoid blocking out time for in-person checkups at the doctor’s office or sessions with your trainer at the gym.

In a breakthrough with on-demand access to telemedicine and telefitness, Tricorder.ZeroTM will give you the option of sending real-time data to your doctor or trainer remotely. And while the service may be remote, that doesn’t mean that your health provider or trainer will need to speculate or give you incomplete advice, as is typical of remote consultations that rely only on your subjective feelings you report to the provider. Instead, the professional you contact will be able to assess your self-report, medical history, and real-time data from Tricorder.ZeroTM to deliver a comprehensive assessment.

Easy to use with a multitude of helpful functions

In the past, many people have wondered about the true state of their health. After all, it’s not always easy to know intuitively when health-related issues arise. Sometimes, people allow their overall health to decline gradually and never notice the change. Even individual conditions can come on slowly and are only noticed when they reach a critical point.

Tricorder.ZeroTM can act as a security system for the body, employing artificial intelligence to notify you when single-sensor data suggests your readings are outside the norm. These alerts will allow you to take the necessary measures to get your health back on track and enable you to know when it might be time to consult a trained professional.

In addition, when you do contact a healthcare professional or fitness trainer, you’ll no longer need to worry about whether or not you will be able to answer their questions about your past medical history. Tricorder.ZeroTM will be able to compile and store all of your health information in one safe location, allowing you to provide clinicians and trainers with access to an accurate record of your health and fitness journey.

And what if you’re prescribed medications? Keeping up with differing schedules for taking multiple prescriptions can be a hassle, but consistent prompts from Tricorder.ZeroTM‘s built-in medication tracker will make sure you never forget to take an important dose again.

Getting started with Tricorder.ZeroTM

Tricorder.ZeroTM is extremely easy to operate. In fact, the only equipment is the tracker itself and a charging cable. To get started, all you need to do is power up the device, and then decide if you want to perform a full-body health scan using all seven sensors, or check one aspect of your health at a time.

From that moment on, Tricorder.ZeroTM saves and stores your data automatically with each scan. You can also add your historical data and/or health records whenever you choose.

The Tricorder.ZeroTM app will permit you to see all your medical information in one spot on the device’s touchscreen, as well as through an app on your smartphone.

It’s finally time to simplify your health and fitness monitoring. Replace all the complicated devices and apps you’ve tried in the past with a single, simple, and comprehensive solution that is accessible anytime and anywhere: Tricorder.ZeroTM.

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