Artificial IntelligenceHealth ITTech Meets Treatment: Joe Brown on How to Integrate DearDoc AI Software to Convert Patients and Perfect Compliance

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There’s never been a better time to enter the healthcare industry, but there’s also never been a more competitive era to take the dive. There are new healthcare industry innovations coming out every day, and while patients love these developments, doctors and healthcare providers may struggle to keep up and compete in the industry.

Of course, this has hurt private practices’ bottom lines. Today, we have doctors eager to increase their patient load and interested in new ways to convert interest and inquiries into conversions and new patients. However, as the internet continues to boom in popularity and use and more patients than ever before prefer doing everything online for convenience and safety, healthcare practices are falling behind because of outdated technology.

That’s where artificial intelligence comes into play – after all, if Fortune 500 companies can use it to drive sales and conversion, why can’t your practice use it to care for current patients and onboard new ones? Though it may seem daunting to integrate such new technology – especially for smaller practices with little admin assistance – AI software can and should be used by private practices to care for patients and bring in new ones.

Casual Visitors to Paying Patients

It’s a problem experienced by many medical professionals – especially those in private practice. You get a lot of hits on your practice’s website, maybe due to great SEO or a well-written blog, but it’s nearly impossible to convert those casual hits into patients. While your online presence is most likely tailored toward establishing your practice’s credibility, bringing in new patients to your practice is a great secondary mission – and AI can help you do that.

The only reasonable way to reach out to all these visitors is via AI chat technology. In the past, AI and chat technology has been used by everyone from giant corporations to local businesses. What did they have in common? Nearly all of those ‘Hi, can I help you today?’ messages are designed for sales.

We all know that the medical field is quite a bit different. Though conversions are still the goal, treatments are more personalized, and keeping the patient experience in mind needs to remain at the forefront of any online experience. The long and short of it is that if you don’t have some kind of chat technology embedded in your website, you’re missing out on chances to care for more patients.

Catalyze Exposure to Advanced Patient Healthcare

Patients (and doctors) who would have been hesitant to use DearDoc’s suite of patient care innovations before the pandemic are used to such things today. Last year, many doctors couldn’t accept new patients – or even see their long-term patients – due to the pandemic. Today, telemedicine and other technological workarounds are commonplace and many patients have even reported that they prefer the convenience of telehealth.

Smart medical professionals are harnessing this tech-forward moment – and patients’ newfound comfort with doing everything online – for their practices by introducing healthcare-focused AI chat and other workflow and data management solutions.

Though you might have dismissed AI chat in the past as impersonal and something your patients wouldn’t enjoy, today’s doctors and patients are ready to embrace this technology after 18 months where they have done virtually everything online (pun intended).

There’s never been a better time to implement artificial intelligence into your practice’s workflow. As the developing and changing industry consistently provides new challenges for doctors and patients, you need all the help you can get, and AI is a great tool to automate patient conversion, manage workflows internally, and provide quality patient care along every touchpoint of their experience.

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Joe Brown

Joe Brown is the CEO and founder of DearDoc, a practice growth platform for doctors and medical practitioners. He has been featured in Built In NYC, Business Insider, and MarketWatch. Click here to learn more about his AI software that is helping doctors get more patients: https://www.getdeardoc.com/

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