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The world is experiencing a rare opportunity that allows people to pause and evaluate priorities – a wake-up call! From the hectic lifestyle of meetings, studies, seminars, and all, the world stopped. It is an excellent time to evaluate habits and consider ways to improve your life as you pick up new ways to work towards achieving life goals.   Many studies and experts have mentioned quality sleep as one of the key ingredients to realizing your goals, thriving, and general well-being.

With endless engagements, more people are reducing their sleeping time. Research by the Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention  (CDC) cited that one in every three adults is sleep deprived. In the United States, sleep disorders constitute a national epidemic in public health. Research by Perelman School of Medicine revealed that one in every four Americans develops insomnia annually at the University of Pennsylvania.

Good quality sleep goes beyond the number of hours you sleep. Thankfully, more people are now aware of the vital role of sleep in general well-being, health, and productivity. Through technology, people can now access valuable information on digital health and sleep. About 59 percent of millennials are today interested in sleep technology, according to a CES study.

Thousands of advices on improving sleep quality are now available online as more individuals are looking for ways to improve their sleep. While the technology adoption is commendable, the data available online is confusing and overwhelming, as most of it is not accurate. Unfortunately, inaccurate data is not useful or productive.

What do you need to Improve Your Sleep?

One key factor to quality sleep is your bed. The first step is to check if your bed and mattress will facilitate a good sleep. Some considerations when buying a mattress are your sleep position, size of room, and special needs.  When choosing a bed, look for style, ergonomics, storage, and how easy it is to clean.

Another way to ensure quality sleep is intentionally setting the time for bed. Ensure that you are consistent and disciplined. Even with the best technology, your role as an individual plays a significant role in ensuring quality sleep. Experts advise people to practice healthy habits before bedtime. These include reducing screen time, freshening up, investing in the right sleep gear, and eating at least one hour before bedtime. Take advantage of apps that will guide through an alarm, to see how many hours you sleep.

Taking up a generally healthy lifestyle also improves quality sleep. Exercise is one practice that has a considerable impact on rest. If you are physically fit, you are likely to sleep better than your unfit counterparts. Several apps will keep you focused and help you stay on track of achieving a healthy lifestyle through exercise.

Another practice to ensure good sleep is a proper diet. Medics advise on eating a well-balanced diet and at the right time. Ensure the food is well cooked to avoid sleep-depriving incidents like heartburns and excessive gas. More fruits and vegetables have immense positive effects, among them a good sleep.

How can technology Help Improve Your Sleep?

Today technology companies are using the data they collect to improve and add value to life constructively. Tech entities have seen many opportunities in health and are offering users excellent ways to save costs from treating diseases by taking the preventive approach. In this cutting edge of the digital era, you can now invest in sleep monitoring sensor technology.

Digital health and sleep revolution has ushered smart beds that senses sleepers’ movement through the night. The bed frame then adjusts automatically to ensure maximum comfort of the user hence the highest quality sleep.

You can also get to know the quality of your sleep from personalized insights. The beds come with operating systems that give you information like average breathing and heartbeat rates. Some have extraordinary features like foot-warming. It is very convenient as you will not need to wear anything, go to bed!

Smart beds are proving to improve the quality of sleep immensely as any additional minutes of quality sleep makes a considerable difference to your health in general.

Artificial Intelligence and Science

Building on science, tech companies are coming up with new and improving available products to meet the consumers’ health needs.  Lack of sleep is linked to numerous health conditions like Type 2 diabetes, obesity, depression, heart disease, among others. Combining research and clinical expertise is bound to produce the best results in quality sleep, improving products. The combination also ensures safe options with minimal or no side effects. While it is a new concept, digital health is increasingly growing in popularity.

As time advances, technology seems to offer more solutions to life. The growing importance of digital health and sleep is hard to ignore. 

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