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Afraid of going to the dentist is commonplace. Even though many patients cannot actually pinpoint where their fears stem from, the idea of going to the dentist holds many negative connotations for people. For some it is the smell that conjures up bad childhood experiences. For others it is the noise of the machines that ring in your ears long after you have left the treatment room. But for quite a few it is the worry that they will not receive accurate information or something important will be missed.

While dentists understand their patients’ fears and demonstrate good and gentle practice, it still has not done much to help foster faith in the system, resulting in many people not regularly visiting the dentist for checkups or purposefully burying their heads in the sand when they encounter dental problems. This in turn has bigger implications later on down the line. Dental problems that could have been easily fixed grow into bigger ones, with some people even developing serious and potentially life-threatening problems. Not only this, delayed dental care results in bigger costs and more strain on dental practices.

To help overcome patient fears and rebuild trust in the system once again, Pearl has developed some revolutionary AI technology for dentists to ensure that their diagnosis is the right one and to put patients’ minds at rest.

Imagine having an instant second opinion from an intelligent platform that has been trained in identifying numerous common dental problems. Pearl’s Second Opinion product guides dentists, detects problems, and offers feedback, making sure that the right treatment is given in a timely manner.

Pearl’s AI dental technology Smart Margin also aids and expedites the process of designing and developing models for dental restorations, a process that was once deemed complex and that required a number of technicians. Having the ability to digitally mark margins in models leaves no room for error, meaning that in the press of a button money from unusable restorations and patient time are saved.

Another common problem that dental practices have to deal with is the quality of scans and X-rays. Not only is it frustrating, the inability to clearly read them can lead to misdiagnosis. Even in today’s world, dental labs come into contact with imprecise intraoral scans that miss small details such as margins and contact points, however, with Pearl’s Scan Clarity Score, there is no detail missed. This systematic processing method has significantly reduced the amount of poor quality scans, removing stress and pressure from dentists and technicians and improving the quality of restorations and patient care.

As well as restoring the faith in patients and reducing their fear, dental practices can also reap the benefits of Pearl. You too, along with scores of other dentists worldwide, can be easily trained to use and operate Pearl’s system, meaning that you’ll be able to put your patients at ease and offer more in-depth and accurate information, ensuring that the right diagnosis is made in a timely fashion. And if the idea of entering endless data into systems makes you shudder, fear not – Pearl is quick and easy when it comes to annotating x-rays and creating medical records; not to mention it also takes pressure off the dentist by reducing any liability and simplifying the insurance billing process.

With Pearl’s range of AI dental products, a dental practice, no matter what the size, can reshape their business, restore patient trust, and potentially save hundreds of thousands of dollars every year. This is not a case of replacing a dentist, but complementing them to ensure that nothing but the best treatment is offered.

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