Healthcare MarketingMajor Benefits for Your Practice from Medical Email Marketing

Now is the best time to get started with medical email marketing. But if you need more reasons to do it, you have come to the right page.

We share the top five benefits of healthcare email marketing, from raising brand awareness to building trust.

5 Reasons Medical Email Marketing Is Vital in Your Online Campaigns

According to Research and Markets, global consumer healthcare could be worth nearly $425 billion by 2031. That is significant revenue for only one sector. Can you imagine how much the entire industry will earn within eight years?

But while it provides much room for players, the competition can also be cutthroat. How do you stay relevant to your existing patients, reach out to new leads, and stay connected with your audience?

The answer is medical email marketing. Check out a Graphic Design agency in Dubai.

Below are reasons why it should be part of your digital marketing plan for when you want to launch a medical practice and thrive:

1. Promotes and Sustains Brand Awareness

What sets the Mayo Clinic and Cleveland Clinic apart? It is their branding. And this one goes beyond logos and colors. We are also talking about core values, mission and vision, organizational culture, and purpose.

When existing patients and leads understand your brand, it translates to better recognition and loyalty. This is where medical email marketing shines.

It provides you with multiple pathways to talk about your brand without being pushy:

  • Sharing valuable and relevant content. According to Digital Authority Partners (DAP), sharing high-quality, original, authoritative content tells your audience you are trustworthy, reliable, and knowledgeable. Most of all, you care about them enough that you want to help them make smart health decisions.
  • Engaging with subscribers through social media. Newsletters can be jump-off points to increase your engagement with your subscribers on social media. You can be more interactive, relatable, and transparent on these platforms through live Q&As, polls, and contests.
  • Asking for feedback and reviews. Do you want to measure how much your audience knows about your brand? Get them to leave feedback and reviews. Include it as your call to action (CTA) after every email or tell them to share their thoughts about your clinic on your social media pages or online business profiles.

2. Allows Fast and Simple Implementation

Digital marketing is so dynamic and fast-paced that it is sometimes difficult to keep up with the trends and updates. Plus, you will not see the results of your efforts immediately. Search engine optimization, for example, takes at least six months.

Medical email marketing offers a faster and more straightforward way to jump-start online marketing campaigns. 

  • It is cost-effective. The most basic email marketing platform costs no more than $30 a month. Meanwhile, this strategy has one of the highest returns, partly because of its more affordable price.
  • You can automate the process. You can set up automated emails to avoid writing and sending different messages every week. Overall, you are more productive and have more time for other essential activities like actual patient care.
  • Tracking email performance is easy. Email marketing software has a built-in feature that allows you to track email performance, open rates, click-throughs, and more. You can even monitor your metrics in real time and adjust your campaigns ASAP.
  • You can use templates. Do not have any coding or design skills? Many email marketing applications also provide customizable templates. Edit them, and you are usually good to go.

3. Enhances Patient Experience and Care

Do not mistake email marketing for online communications between doctors and patients. The latter requires information confidentiality, while both are subject to HIPAA regulations and other related laws.

Nevertheless, the stringent email marketing rules do not dampen its ability to improve patient experience and care and increase retention and revenues.

  • You can personalize the content. Through market segmentation, you can better align your content to your audience’s needs, interests, and preferences. It then makes your newsletters and emails more valuable and helpful.
  • You can market different services and products. Keep in mind that email marketing is not just about medical advice and tips. You can also use it to promote your clinic’s services, discounts, events, and more.
  • It ties everything together. While other digital marketing channels allow you to boost patient engagement and acquire new leads, email marketing ensures your efforts do not go to waste. It helps you maintain relationships and create immersive campaigns that keep people interested in your brand even more.
  • Medical email marketing creates a more seamless omnichannel experience. When done right, this strategy helps make various aspects of patient care more satisfying, whether online or offline. For example, you can use it to remind people of their upcoming appointments or attach coupons they can automatically apply for a future booking.

4. Ideal for Nurturing Leads

Medical email marketing aims to keep the audience engaged with your brand and eventually turn them into paying clients.

It is excellent for lead-nurturing activities such as providing timely updates on relevant healthcare topics, new products and services, or even industry news. Doing so nourishes relationships between you and potential patients.

Most of all, it supports your leads’ needs in every stage of their customer journey:

  • You can attract leads with a well-crafted welcome message after they register on your website.
  • Once they opt-in to receive updates, you can send them informative newsletters and other helpful content.
  • For those ready to book appointments, you can create emails featuring clinic updates or new services.
  • You can also add call-to-action (CTA) buttons that direct recipients to the booking page.
  • You can match the content with the sales funnel stage. For instance, videos are perfect for top-of-the-funnel leads, and personalized recommendations are suitable for those about to purchase.

5. Helps Build Trust

With fake news and misinformation, patients are more skeptical. But you can never address their problems correctly if they doubt or do not trust you.

Trust building does not happen overnight, and no single marketing tactic can create it. However, you can tap into email marketing to establish credibility and transparency between you and your patients:

  • Introduce your healthcare professionals. Provide their credentials and brief descriptions of their expertise. That way, patients know who they are talking to.
  • Explain your treatments, products, services, pricing structure, and payment options through email newsletters or emails showing your clinic’s special deals.
  • Answer common questions in emails so potential clients know what to expect after booking an appointment with you.
  • Share credible studies and updates in your industry or niche to show that you stay abreast of the latest developments.
  • Provide them with tools, such as weekly menu plans or fitness templates, to let them know you are committed to their health and wellness.

Summing Up

Consider incorporating this strategy into your healthcare marketing plan to improve patient engagement. It is cost-effective, flexible, and scalable.

However, work with a healthcare digital marketing firm for long-term success. Your team can develop and execute client-oriented email campaigns based on your needs.

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