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Canadian-based medical technology company, MagnetTx Oncology Solutions, has developed a one-of-a-kind, state-of-the-art, MR-guided linear accelerator, the Aurora-RT. This achievement marks the first successful merge of MR (magnetic resonance machine) and Linac (linear accelerator) technology.

With more than 30 years experience in health care leadership, Michael Cogswell, president and CEO, spearheaded the campaign to bring about this technological feat. Both he and the MagnetTx team are excited to provide greater accuracy and precision in administering radiotherapy to patients.

Such confidence stems from the fact that Cogswell has proven expertise in all facets of international healthcare leadership, marketing, strategic planning, and new business development for high-profile operations, in addition to possessing effective communication, negotiation and industry networking skills that ensure exceptional customer satisfaction, thus reflecting Cogswell’s abilities in taking their technology to the next level.

The Aurora-RT introduces an all-new level of precision in comparison to current radiotherapy devices. By incorporating precise real-time MR images, the Aurora-RT makes it possible for medical professionals to correctly position patients before they receive radiation using the linear accelerator.

The images can then be utilized to monitor tumor position during radiation, and adapt the treatment to each patient as needed. Overall, treatments using the Aurora-RT produce better clinical outcomes and fewer side effects.

Even today’s state-of-the-art, linear accelerators typically utilize Cone Beam CT (CBCT) images in radiotherapy treatments, which often suffer from low contrast. Additionally, CBCT images cannot be taken concurrently with beam delivery.

The Aurora-RT stands out by combining high quality MR images with a 6 MV linear accelerator, which provides more precise images that can be utilized before treatment even begins. This allows for accurate patient alignment prior to treatment, and real-time MR images during beam delivery to offer tumor tracking. This also makes the Aurora-RT a great match for adaptive radiotherapy.

This technology provides a full 360-degree gantry rotation, along with the ability to make lateral shifts to offer isocentric treatments. It also offers a large field size, composed of a 30-centimeter circle, optimal magnetic field strength, and full-resolution images with minimal distortion.

Unlike other radiotherapy devices, the Aurora-RT has no electron return effect (ERE). It has a larger bore, therefore effectively treating peripheral tumors, and optimal magnetic field strength. It can also perform standard breast treatments.

Additionally, the Aurora-RT allows for the magnetic field to be turned off for servicing, and has no need for helium to be vented through concrete bunker walls.

Early research evidence supports a strong likelihood that the number of radiation treatments per patient can be reduced when using the Aurora-RT. Furthermore, this technology introduces the potential for a better quality of life to patients receiving radiation treatments.

What’s more is that these high-quality treatments come at a lower overall cost to the health care system than that of current radiotherapy treatments and devices.

Over $45 million dollars has been raised and invested to bring the Aurora-RT widespread. In addition to all of Aurora-RT’s exquisite benefits and capabilities, MagnetTx components can be shipped to the installation site and easily assembled in any clinical treatment bunker.

All in all, this technology provides a revolutionary way to administer radiation therapy. With clearer images administered in real-time as treatment is delivered, the Aurora-RT is the most precise and accurate radiotherapy device to date.

MagnetTx is currently accepting new team members to join in on their revolutionary technology and help to make it an everyday reality.

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