GeneralLined Workout Shorts For The Adventurous Soul

One of the best ways to explore our country is backpacking and hiking. Getting away on a remote trail does something for the spirit, letting you get back to nature and unwind in a way that few other activities can.

In addition to having good hiking snacks in your backpack for that much-needed energy boost, one thing that is extremely important to remember when going hiking is to have the proper garments. Supportive shoes or boots are a given. The last thing you want to happen on a backcountry trail is to turn your ankle and then to have to hike back in on that sprain.

Having the right socks will prevent blisters that can make continued hiking unbearable. The proper socks provide cushion and warmth as needed, too.

Something that a lot of people don’t put as much thought into is your choice of pants or shorts. Compression lined shorts can be an excellent option for hikes when it is not very cold. It is worth shopping around and researching the most suitable British outdoor brands for your desired apparel for your hiking adventures.

Lined Shorts Make Hikes More Comfortable

By providing compression on the large blood vessels in your legs, lined workout shorts can help blood stay in your upper extremities. This helps keep your brain oxygenated, keeping you energized throughout your hike or run. 

Lined shorts help keep everything in its place, reducing many injuries that can happen when hiking or jogging. By replacing the need for separate underwear, Lined shorts help your shorts fit better and stay in position.

Another benefit of lined shorts is that they help wick moisture away from dark damp places on the body. By pulling moisture away, the liner helps prevent many issues that can come about when exercising.

One of the biggest things wicking moisture away can do is prevent chafing. If you have ever gotten your jeans wet at a theme park and then walked around all day, you understand how uncomfortable damp clothing chafes can be. 

Chafing can make a long hike difficult to complete. Once you have hiked down into a canyon, you can’t just decide that you don’t want to be there anymore. You have to hike back out. Doing that with chafing between the legs that get rubbed with each step can be unpleasant enough to dissuade you from ever wanting to hike again.

Another added benefit of wearing lined shorts with a wicking liner is that moisture evaporates off. This cools your body without making you feel over cooled, but it also helps keep you from getting too smelly.

Well made lined shorts will be equipped for you to have what you need, without weighing you down. Some designs have cell phone pockets hidden on the liner. This allows you to stow your phone in the area with less movement snug against your body, while the lightweight shorts can flow and breathe. 

Other designs may have stow pockets on the waistband for an id and some money or a cell phone. The highest quality designs of lined shorts will include both the pocket in the liner and a waistband stow pocket.

Lined Shorts are Versatile

Lined shorts work really well as an underlayer with sweats or joggers. The joggers can be taken off after a warm-up, and the liner keeps the blood flowing and the muscles warm afterward. 

Lined Shorts can be an effective cold weather underlayer since the close-fitting liner provides an added layer of insulation right at your core. The same wicking that makes them beneficial in the summer is helpful in winter as well. Wicking the moisture away helps prevent your core from getting chilled and chafed.

In summary, lined shorts can make all your hikes more pleasant, regardless of the season!

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