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A quality compliance management software is essential for any company to succeed — and it is especially important in the healthcare industry. Compliance software can help you implement and manage protocols on patient safety. The software can also help ensure confidentiality and security of patients’ information, which are necessary to meet HIPAA’s Privacy Rule and Security Rule.

Today there are many compliance management programs available, which can leave managers with one question: how do we know which one to choose? By studying the key features of available software and carefully auditing each option, you can easily select the best compliance management software for your organization’s needs.

Key Features of a Compliance Management Software

While each compliance management software likely has its own bells and whistles, the vast majority of these programs share some similar features. These are often the elements most important to businesses, which means they are the elements you should examine first.

The key features of a quality compliance management software include the following:

Cloud-Based Solutions

These days, most businesses have an immense amount of data to store on a regular basis. This is particularly true for healthcare organizations, as they have patient medical histories, treatment records, and much more. A good compliance management software will be equipped with cloud-based solutions (including cloud-based security) to store and protect all that information.

Incident Management

The best compliance management software will help business leaders manage security or compliance incidents. Ensure the software you choose features incident management. This means that the program has capabilities allowing employees to report misconduct. These programs should recognize and report problems to make it easier to mitigate risks early on.

Task Management

Compliance management software can also be very effective for human resources. If the software is equipped with task management capabilities, managers and HR can digitally track employees’ work and ensure everyone is accomplishing their daily goals. Essentially, task management software can help guarantee that the organization runs smoothly.

Reporting Features

Reporting is one of the most important elements of any compliance management software. The software may recognize system issues or track daily activities, but this data is only effective if the program reports its findings. A quality compliance management software will provide managers with clear reporting on compliance task completion and data on potential risks.

Notifications and Alerts

If your compliance management software notices any compliance issues, it is paramount that you are made aware of it right away. The sooner you are able to work on the problem, the sooner you will be able to return to business as usual. Look for compliance software that is designed to alert you if there are any issues.

Expert Support

Finally, even the most user-friendly compliance software might be overwhelming for the average manager. The best compliance management software will provide you with access to a team of compliance experts, so you can get the answers to any questions while using the system.

Steps for Selecting Software for Compliance Monitoring and Management

If you narrow your search for compliance management software to those that meet the above criteria, you will still have a very long list to choose from. So, what do you do next? Here are a few tips to help you choose the right system for your business.

Audit Current Processes

First and foremost, your compliance management software should be an improvement upon your current management system. Begin the selection process by looking at your current compliance system — in what ways is your organization succeeding? Where can you improve? What issues should you address immediately?

If you take the time to audit your current system, you will likely spot weak points or necessities that are specific to your business. This can help you narrow your search even further to just a few options that are best suited to your organization’s unique needs.

Review Compliance Specifications

“Compliance” looks different across many organizations. For some (for example, healthcare) security and privacy are of the utmost importance. For other businesses, task management may be more essential. Because of the different requirements across various industries, it’s natural that different compliance software will serve different needs.

When you are looking for a compliance management software, it’s best to also review the compliance requirements of your industry. This will help you determine the most important features of your new system — which in turn can help you narrow your list even more.

Compare and Contrast Systems

At this point, you should only have a handful of compliance systems up for contention. Now is the time to really delve into these programs: examine the features they provide and see how they stand up to one another — and how well they align with your organization’s needs.

Additionally, this step is a great time to look at how user-friendly your compliance software will be. Make sure this is a program your managers and other workers can use easily (or with a little training). Remember: the more intuitive the program is to your employees, the more effective it’s sure to be.

Choose a Compliance Management Software and Implement It

Of course, choosing software is not the end of your compliance management journey. Once you’ve chosen the ideal software, you still have to implement it. This may require more training for employees, a transition period between your current system and the new software, and much more.

While implementing a new compliance system may seem overwhelming, it is doable. Break the transition down into a series of small tasks and delegate as much as possible to other managers and people who will be using the system. In this way, you’ll be able to implement the compliance software while also training managers on how to properly use it.

Benefits of a Compliance Management System for Healthcare Organizations

Compliant software can be incredibly helpful in the healthcare industry, particularly among large organizations like hospitals. Your system will enable you to manage patient information — which in turn will allow you to offer your patients better care. With a quality management system in place, your organization will run more smoothly and your business is much more likely to thrive.

Author Bio:

Giovanni Gallo is the Co-CEO of ComplianceLine, where his team strives to make the world a better workplace with compliance hotline services, sanction and license monitoring, and workforce eLearning software and services.

Growing up as the son of a Cuban refugee in an entrepreneurial family taught Gio how servanthood and deep care for employees can make a thriving business a platform for positive change in the world. He built on that through experience with startups and multinational organizations so ComplianceLine’s solutions can empower caring leaders to build strong cultures for the betterment of every employee and their community.

When he’s not working, Gio’s wrangling his two young kids, riding his motorcycle, and supporting education, families, and the homeless in the Charlotte community.

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