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Sadly, many people today no longer know how to take control of their own health. In fact, 7 out of 10 of us will develop a lifestyle-related disease at some point in our lives. With all the readily available knowledge and education on health and wellness in today’s modern world, we should have all the information we need to make our health a priority. So why do we continue to struggle? One major reason comes to mind, and it’s that we have come to rely on a healthcare system that prioritizes treating symptoms, over preventing them. It’s no surprise then that chronic conditions like type-2 diabetes and heart disease are on the rise, and at alarming rates.

HOLISTAL is on a mission to change our healthcare journey. They believe the focus should be on prevention, rather than treatment. In order to tackle this problem, the Stockholm-based startup has developed a digital platform providing personalized dietary & lifestyle support to individuals.

“Personalized advise for making better food choices, partaking in physical activity, managing mental wellbeing and improving sleep is the best prescription we can receive” explains Holistic Nutritionist and Holistal co-founder Shannon Baida. “In many cases, patients’ lifestyle choices aren’t even investigated when they visit their doctor”, she says, “but we are finding study after study supporting the absolute necessity of improving our diets and lifestyles in both preventing and managing chronic conditions”. Holistal believes that we can shift our current healthcare system to one of preventive health and that now is the time to act. “In our current tech landscape, we can harness the power of digital tools to make a real impact”, Baida explains.

This simple yet effective app has been carefully designed in collaboration with leading medical and wellness practitioners from Karolinska Institutet, Sweden’s prestigious research-based medical university. Its service is currently available to companies to use as a corporate wellness tool to improve both physical and mental health amongst employees. With the ever-increasing pressure and demands of the modern world, it’s no real surprise that a shocking 3 out of 4 employees are struggling with their wellbeing.

So how can one app improve the habits of millions of people?

By providing active challenges such as eating more vegetables, drinking more water, getting a better night’s sleep, and even strengthening the immune system, employees are able to gain points and achieve different levels. Another key motivator is real-life rewards that are set and inputted by management to encourage healthier lifestyles amongst staff. Holistal’s service provides an admin dashboard for HR and Management, where employers will be able to gain a better insight into how they can best support the health of their team. But what sets this employee health app apart from the rest is that there’s still a human element with employees having the ability to make use of their own personal coach, who’ll motivate them to make the right choices and answer any health and fitness questions they might have.

At the end of the day, your health and wellbeing should be your number one priority. Having a tailored wellbeing program in place at work encourages people to take better care of themselves. And with fewer employees suffering from chronic disease, there are fewer healthcare costs for companies and better productivity in the workplace – it’s a win-win!

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