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Shortages of nurses in different areas of the world have been an issue during this pandemic and for some medical facilities even before the; pandemic season they have issues like this. How do agencies help healthcare facilities with travel nurse staffing? Travel nurse agencies have been bridging the gap between nurses who are seeking employment with medical facilities who need nurses to give solutions to the shortages of staff they are experiencing. Gifted Healthcare travel nurse staffing solution is one of the travel nurse agencies that has been helping medical facilities by giving solutions to staff shortages.

What is Travel Nursing?

Travel nursing is handled by travel nurse agencies whose goal is to be able to provide quality nurses to medical facilities that partner with them. They hire quality nurses and assign them to medical facilities that need their services. They match the skill of nurses with medical facilities who need that qualification.

How Do Agencies Choose The Candidate for Travel Nurse Jobs

Travel Agencies Qualify their Nurses

Travel nurse agencies select that best nurses by going through the necessary recruitment process which includes getting requirements and qualifications which includes:

License As a Nurse

To qualify as a travel nurse line should be a registered licensed nurse which means she graduated from an accredited nursing school plus passed the NCLEX of course. Although a Bachelor of Nursing is not a requirement, having this degree can give more opportunities to nurses.

Nursing Experience

Experience required can be 1 or 2 years depending on the skiing of medical facilities. More experience is a plus factor and can even give higher pay to nurses. Experience is important for nurses since this is their basis if they are capable of doing the duties and responsibilities given to them.


Nurses who have a certification can get more job opportunities basic life support (BLS) for instance are required for most assignments. If a nurse is assigned to other areas then more certificates are needed. Travel nurse agencies make sure to get nurses who are qualified to be assigned to any areas in the medical facilities.


Once nurses have completed the needed documents then travel nurses are oriented and details of their task are discussed. They are then given assignments that they can accept or decline.


Once assignments are given a contract is made where provisions are noted. This contract can protect all the parties involved. In that way, they can be able to work smoothly. The contract also includes the hourly pay of the nurse since each assignment has different rates.

Ways a Healthcare Staffing Agency Can Benefit a Facility

Save Time and Money

Rather than using their time in recruiting nurses they need, they can use the time to attend to the medical facility’s needs as well as to their patients. The healthcare staffing agency will do all the hiring processes, this means health facilities can save their time as well as money since they don’t have to exert effort and spend money to be able to hire nurses they need.

Getting More Qualified Candidates

Healthcare staffing agencies screen their nurses very well to make sure that they are qualified for onboarding immediately. So they get nurses who are skilled and experienced enough to work immediately. They also require all the necessary documents to avoid any hassle once they are given assignments. Plus they can rely on the healthcare staffing agency in hiring not only nurses but other medical staff they need.

More Productivity and less training

Since the nurses that are assigned by healthcare staffing agencies are skilled and experienced, there is no need for long training. They can immediately be assigned to their area and they can start doing their task. This makes the whole medical facility more productive than having to train nurses to work after a week or after the training.

So How do agencies help healthcare facilities with travel nurse staffing? They help them in many ways and offer convenience when they need nurses for their facilities. They make sure that their clients will not have to go through the hassle of hiring by doing the recruitment process and evaluating each of their nurses before passing them to the medical facilities. In that way, it will be less stressful for the healthcare facility and they don’t have to worry about getting understaffed again.

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