HealthcareImportance of Centrifuge in the Healthcare Industry

In today’s world, the healthcare industry is constantly flourishing, and with the constant research going on, the use of different machines and technologies in biological laboratories and research institutes has increased exponentially. Among the major machines that are used almost every day during research, centrifuges are very popular. With various uses, centrifuge machines have a great significance in scientific experiments and analyses.

This blog will discuss the huge significance of centrifuges in the healthcare industry.

What a Centrifuge Machine Is?

The centrifuge is a standard device used to separate elements of different densities by spinning a fluid at high speed within a container in laboratories during scientific experiments and assays. They could be classified into several varieties based on their size and sample capacity, such as Benchtop Centrifuges and High Speed Mini Centrifuges.

What Are the Factors that Influence Centrifugation?

Different important factors work intricately in the functioning of centrifuges. They are:

  1. Viscosity
  2. Temperature
  3. Speed of centrifugal rotation
  4. Density of sample
  5. Density of solution
  6. Distance between the particle displacements

A centrifuge works based on the sedimentation principle. It causes the denser and less dense substances to separate. In the healthcare industry, a centrifuge is widely used to purify cells, organelles, viruses, proteins, and nucleic acids. Also, a typical example of the use of centrifuges in a clinical setting is the separation of whole-blood components in various scientific assays, which necessitate serum or plasma.

How Is a Centrifuge Used for Serum and Plasma Separation?

The whole blood sample is first clotted at room temperature. Next, the sample is centrifuged in a proper centrifuge machine to remove the clot while leaving the serum supernatant above. The supernatant is obtained from whole blood, which is not left for clotting when it comes to plasma.

To collect plasma using a centrifuge, you have to collect the whole blood sample in the tubes and then treat that with anticoagulants. After the centrifugation is done, cells will be removed, and the plasma supernatant will remain above.

What Are the Other Effective Uses of Centrifuge in the Healthcare Industry?

  1. When it comes to laboratory use of centrifuges in the healthcare industry, the primary uses of this machine lie in the biology, biochemistry, and chemistry experiments as well as studies. A centrifuge is used in those areas to isolate and separate different mixtures of immiscible liquids. Moreover, a centrifuge is also used to separate different components of suspensions. Also, it is used in the clinical medicine industry for the separation of mixtures.
  2. Another significant way a centrifuge machine plays an important role in the healthcare industry is the separation of blood. The laboratory-scale centrifuges are used to a huge extent to separate different component cells and proteins such as WBCs, RBCs, and platelets. This makes the laboratory work easy for researchers and lab technicians for further sample analysis, helping identify and treat various diseases.
  3. A yet another important area of the healthcare industry where centrifuge plays an irreplaceable role is the separation of DNA. Different sizes of the centrifuge are used to separate nucleic acids in a lot of medical and biological analyses in the laboratories. For processing samples of DNA in a centrifuge, DNA samples should be first purified and concentrated for the separation and then placed in a centrifuge for a definite duration of time to achieve the pure DNA extract.
  4. Centrifuges also have a huge significance in separating the mixtures of similar densities in the biological samples.
  5. When it comes to separating suspended solids while performing various scientific and medical experiments, a centrifuge is widely used.
  6. Researchers and science experts use a centrifuge to study macromolecules in the healthcare sector to analyze their hydrodynamic properties.
  7. There are special kinds of centrifuges available today that help purify mammalian cells during different scientific analyses of biological samples in the healthcare industry.
  8. Centrifuges play a very wide role in testing membrane vesicles while analyzing biological samples of the human body in laboratories.


Centrifuges have proven themselves to be one of the most useful and versatile modern scientific inventions in healthcare, medical industry and the like. There is no doubt that it’s important in the laboratories for analysis, experiments, and studies with a scientific and medical focus. If you work in the healthcare industry, make the best use of centrifuge in your upcoming laboratory work and you will achieve great results in your experiments and studies.

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