InterviewHolistic Health: Interview with Olivia Audrey (Dr.Liv)

Olivia Audrey (Dr.Liv)

Since the age of three, Olivia Audrey has been displaying her gifts of precognition ,medical insight and quantum Intuition. Growing up on a rural farm in the northeast, her connection with nature led her to understand the connection between all living things. This led her to pursue a passion for healing and through a degree in natural medicine she was able to combine her intuitive abilities and medical knowledge to help people in a way never done before. To learn more, we conducted an interview with Dr.Liv.

1. Can you tell us more about yourself and how you grew up? Did you always have your intuitive abilities?

I grew up in an incredubly rural town in the mountains of western Maine. For the first 12 years of my life, we didn’t have a shower or at times, running water. Although at the time, i had no semblance of how remote our existence was, it cultivated in me a deep resonance with nature. I would spend hours in the forest listening and communicating to the trees and animals. At the age of 6, I began to realize I was not like everyone else around me, that my perception and insights were of a reality that those around me could not see or comprehend.

2. What motivated you to enter the healing domain?

It was from this love of nature and a search for the answers to so many questions that I was led to natural medicine. I never thought of myself as a healer of ailments,or disease, I was more intrigued by how to restore a person’s self into wholeness. I could clearly see when I looked at someone i was helping the exact spot where their energy had split or become severed, thus leading to illness.

3. What do you rely on most in your healing methods?

I always evaluate the individual as a whole. I want to hear about not just the most recent symptoms, but when was the last time they felt well? for most people thats quite a while. We start there, and unravel where the body began to stop thriving. I also rely on the guidance I recieve from source, i recieve images, sensations or sentences and then run it through my cognitive filter to determine the meaning.

4. How can one gain with holistic health?

Holistic health is really the approach to wellness through looking at a person as whole, top to bottom inside to out and within. We dont discard any aspect of one’s life and experience. From this approach we gain greater clarity about the underlying issues and ailments that may have been masked by other things in an individuals life. This makes the method not only thorough, but incredibly effective

5. Should the mind, heart, and body be taken together in the healing process?

Absolutly! Studies have shown the interconnected the neurological, musculoskeletal and nervous systems are very intertwined. Data is emerging everyday on the psycholgical effects of happiness and depression on the cells of our body, with more discoveries occurring all the time.

6. What programs do you offer that would empower women?

I have done a great deal of work with women’s empowerment groups over the years, and my favorite program remains intuitive development. This uncovers a realm of our psyche and intuition that has been previously untapped and underutilized through a series of excercises and guidance. I have found that whether the participants is male or female, coming into a knowing of your own truth and alignment is by far the most empowering experience anyone can receive.

7. How can you help people identify their intuitive capabilities?

Through a series of excercises, evaluations and guided activities, I bring an individual back into their innermost depths to uncover their specific intuitive abilities and innermost calling.

8. What should we know about the auto immune illness?

Your body is built to thrive! including, under some very dramatic or challenging circumstances. So if it isn’t as is represented by an auto immune illness, we first have to start with the self. What am I in conflict with about myself? How do I view myself? Its important to recognize areas your mind and heart might be in disagreement in. Biologically, most auto immune illness start from an underlying viral presence that may have been there for quite a while, a more comprehensive viral panel may be needed.

9. How should we view holistic health amid the Covid-19 pandemic?

In an epidemic without a cure, we can only focus on prevention. Holistic health focuses entirely on not only treating, but preventing future illness, by fortifying the immune system. This wards off many viral risks.

10. Where do you see holistic health in the next 5-years?

Holistic health really is becoming quickly the healthcare of choice for many people, for many reasons. In the beginning of our evolution, our healing came from the earth, and the body was regarded as  capable and strong. In modern medicine, we look at the body as deteriotive and unable to function without intervention. I think the basis of who we are, and our own inner knowing about how to move with, instead of overpower our bodies with medicine is where we are going. Natural medicine isnt the alternative medicine, it is the original medicine.

For more info, follow Dr. Liv here:

Fb: https://www.facebook.com/TherealOliviaAudrey/

IG: https://www.instagram.com/theoliviaaudrey/

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