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Georgia is home to a very robust digital health community with over 250 core digital health companies and approximately another 225 organizations which support the core companies.  The Technology Association of Georgia (TAG), the largest statewide technology association in the U.S. with 30,000 members across all industries and has several executives serving on society boards.  For example, the CEO of Telliant SystemsSeth Narayanan is one of the board members of the Digital Health Society who helped create this Georgia Digital Health Ecosystem Platform and Database.

The TAG Digital Health Ecosystem platform & database was launched on March 30th this year, this platform has profiles on more than 475 companies and organizations in the digital health and healthcare community in Georgia, articles and stats on the ecosystem and a calendar of events hosted by all digital health organizations in the state, including TAG Digital Health.

The Georgia Digital Health Ecosystem is available free to everyone without having to be a TAG member.  Check it out and see if your company has a preliminary profile already listed. If so, you are welcome to adopt your profile (after proving you work for the company) and add information to it.  If not, and your company is registered in the state of Georgia and has operations in the state, you can create a new profile and add it to the database.

Telliant Systems built the site free for TAG Digital Health and will maintain it, as the society continues to add companies, articles, industry data and events going forward.

Digital health companies in the state of Georgia are invited to add their company profile to the database or edit their profile if already listed.  Edit or add your profile at: https://digitalhealthecosystem.tagonline.org/, clicking on “Company” in the Nav bar and selecting the appropriate option.

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