Mental HealthFear of Injections: Easy Ways to Overcome a Phobia From an Expert

The fear of syringes and injections is called trypanophobia. According to some reports, about 10% of people suffer from this. The expert believes that the phobia is formed in childhood. And in adulthood, it can become a big problem. For example, someone may refuse a full-fledged treatment just because of the fear of the procedure.

“You can take a piece of paper and write down all your fears: a sharp needle, the sight of blood, they can hurt you, <…> and so on. And write opposite thoughts next to it: the doctor gives such injections every day, he has experience, it will take a few seconds <…>. You need to read this every day, ”said the specialist.

To cope with emotions, when a person is already in the doctor’s office, you do not need to watch how he takes out a syringe, draws up medicine and makes an injection. The expert recommends just being distracted at this point.

Get rid of fear gradually

1 – Change your way of thinking. Often the best way to overcome fear is to try to change your perception of the situation. So, thoughts like “Needles are terrible” or “I’m so afraid of injections” only increase fear.

Instead, say to yourself, “The shot hurts a little, but I’ll be healthy.”

2 – Write down the situations you are afraid of. Some people startle at the mere sight of a needle. List all the situations in which you feel fear, whether it’s a picture of a needle, watching an injection scene on TV, watching a person being vaccinated, visiting a doctor.

Perhaps you are afraid of picking up a needle, hearing someone else talk about vaccinations, or having to touch a needle.

Arrange the situations in order of increasing feelings of fear.

3 – Start small. Consider the least frightening situation. For example, if the image of a needle is the least of your worries, then try looking at a few photos online. The level of anxiety will reach a critical level, but do not stop watching, because in the end you will feel better and the fear will begin to recede. After such stress, you need to relax.

4 – Move on to the next level. Deal with one situation and move on to the next. For example, work through the situation of watching the injection scene on TV. Search the Internet for videos or medical broadcasts. Use the same method of rising and then falling off feelings of anxiety.

5 – Continue to fight fear. Gradually expose yourself to scary situations until you are ready to try to come in for the vaccine. First imagine the situation mentally so that the feeling of anxiety peaks and subsides. Then make an appointment with your doctor.

6 – Learn Relaxation and Overcoming Fear Techniques

1) Breathe. Breathing exercises are one way to deal with anxiety when you need to donate blood or get an injection. Try to close your eyes and breathe in through your nose. Take a slow deep breath and hold your breath for four seconds. Then exhale slowly through your mouth. Repeat the exercise four more times.

Use this method several times a day to get used to it. Then, in the doctor’s office, you can pull yourself together.

2) Lie down when you need to get an injection or donate blood. Try lying on a couch and elevating your legs to prevent dizziness. Let the medical staff know about your fear and tell them that you will be better able to bear the procedure in this position.

If you raise your legs, you will also be able to stabilize your blood pressure.

3) Use visual images. Meditation allows you to pull yourself together, and visualization helps to distract from what is happening around. Imagine a place where you would be happy. It can be a quiet and peaceful park, the beach or your bedroom.

Close your eyes and imagine yourself in such a place. Engage all senses. What do you see? What do you feel? What smell do you smell? What do you hear around? What is the taste in your mouth? Create a complete picture of the world in the smallest details.

For example, if you imagine a beach, then consider the green waves, feel the sea air and hot sand under your feet, the warmth of the sun on your shoulders. Feel the taste of salt on your tongue and listen to the waves crash on the shore.

The more you visualize the picture, the more distracted you can be.

The bottom line

If needles scare you, know that you are not alone! Alas, the need to take care of health forces us to deal with such fear on a regular basis. To begin with, try to get a grip on yourself, and also learn some ways to relax and overcome fear. Later in the doctor’s office, take steps to ease tension and fear.

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